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In today’s business, there is no time for gaps and delays in asset management. Companies need smart systems for tracking assets in real time and making key decisions quickly to keep up with the market. If you have such software in mind and need a helping hand to make it real, Code & Pepper is ready for the mission!

Why asset management solutions?

Asset management is a market of exponential growth: assets under management are expected to double by 2025, reaching $145.4 trillion. What’s more, the volume of available data is growing at a breakneck speed, but it’s also increasingly dispersed between various silos, platforms, and systems. In this context, getting a full grasp of financial information can prove challenging. On the other hand, due to digital transformation, data-driven decision-making becomes the norm, also in finance.

Asset managers need to embrace technology to increase operational efficiency and provide more value. With this in mind, the demand for new asset management solutions will only continue to grow. In fact, 60% of industry insiders surveyed by PwC believe that asset and wealth management has the biggest disruptive potential for FinTech innovators. Looks like everything points to the fact that now it’s the right time to join the race and start building asset management software.

Asset management product development by Code & Pepper

Digital product design

Expertise, smooth design flow, domain knowledge and fresh outlook on business – these are the ingredients of product design at Code & Pepper. We love a good digital product challenge and financial asset management software is just our type.

Full stack development

Even the most ingenious design can fall victim to underperforming code. At Code & Pepper, your idea will come true with the use of optimal tool stack and best development practices in frontend, backend, infrastructure, DevOps and other areas.

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Custom API development

API gives your application the basis for rapid expansion and compatibility with other popular tools. What’s more, an API-based structure provides scalability, high performance and security – all delivered by experienced professionals at Code & Pepper.

Product ownership & management

Do you need an independent, self-organising team that will deliver what you need? Or maybe someone to take the steering wheel and guide your team in the right direction? Our product owners and project managers will help you with both.


Asset management platform supported by team augmentation

LUSID is an advanced business intelligence solution that streamlines the data analysis and processing so that companies can discover and utilise the insights lying in their assets. The team involved in LUSID consists of experts in data processing who came up with an outstanding technical solution, but the problem lay in the lack of web and design team who could frame their technology in a user-friendly web interface.

Code & Pepper stepped in with an independent team to design the new interface of the platform and implement it using Angular. Our expertise filled the skill gap perfectly. As a result, the platform was enriched with seamless user experience, and LUSID specialists could focus on what they do best.
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Client testimonial

Thomas McHugh Founder & Director at Finbourne

We have used a variety of skill sets provided by Code & Pepper, including UX design and development. We have also found using their Scrum process to be very beneficial to measuring the progress of the project. We are happy to recommend Code & Pepper as a partner.

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How to hire asset management software developers?

The asset management landscape is changing: it relies more and more on technology, and there is a significant shift towards data science. This also means a rising demand for skilled developers that could contribute to building new, disruptive solutions. However, finding talent with domain knowledge and innovative mindset is not an easy task. Consequently, the time- and resource-consuming recruitment may significantly increase the time-to-market, and no one can afford that in the fast-paced technology world. Outsourcing allows you to streamline the hiring process and kick off product development without any setbacks.

Asset management software challenges

Domain knowledge

Creating a successful asset management product might prove impossible without understanding the specific requirements of businesses, their pains and expectations. In order to develop a market-winning tool, developers and designers need to provide a certain level of domain knowledge in this field. Based on their experience, the Code & Pepper team is able to make the right choices in terms of user interface, experience and technological solutions.

Advanced system structure

Due to its complexity, financial asset management software poses a particular challenge in terms of design and development. The system structure has to accumulate high volumes of data and maintain impeccable performance at all business levels. This requires a careful selection of technologies in all application aspects: frontend, backend, cloud, DevOps, and others.

Impeccable user experience

Many companies struggle with choosing the best asset management tool – just like with any other business software, the key is to pick the product that actually facilitates the control of asset flow, both for the business executives and employees operating the tool by themselves. Without an intuitive and thoughtful product design, the tool will not meet the market demands and succumb to competitors.

Compatibility with business tool stack

Digital transformation has changed the way businesses choose and operate digital platforms. Instead of implementing as standalone products, new software is treated like a part of a larger, interconnected system, which poses new challenges to B2B software providers. A well-developed asset management product needs to provide seamless integration and compatibility with the tool stack used by businesses of different sizes and in various industries.

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