Best Investment & Financial Market Research Software

November 2022

Investment research software helps shape the process behind allocating resources. It’s primarily used by portfolio managers, private banking specialists, and other investment-related professionals. The goal is to optimize the investment process and help clients make the best decisions involving their money.

What is financial research software?

The definition above doesn’t exhaust the definition of financial research software. These kinds of products are highly specialized financial research tools. To fall into this category, a product should:

  • provide access to macroeconomic data
  • generate data about the company – basic, about capital structure, ownership and transaction information, financial reports
  • have tools to gather and process financial information
  • have the ability to generate reports
  • have the ability to made recommendations based on the data and historical flows of the company overall, including financial, condition

Investment research software also performs periodical stock screens and presents results through various visualizing methods. Such as graphs or simplified presentations, that includes all the most important information, while deep analysis is covered in the full version of the report.

Benefits of financial market research software

Best financial research software usually is offered based on various tiers. Depending on the tier you choose, you get different options. The higher the tier, the more precise, custom, and deep the analytics goes. The thing is, however, that level of customization allows for a truly tailored experience.

Another plus comes from the charts themselves. In order to be useful, financial research tools fight over charts, instead of options. Most of them have similar features, but the level of information clarity is what wins customers over. You need to be able to throw a quick glance and read the results almost immediately. That’s why best financial research software is praised based on the quality of presentation, not only information.

The next benefit comes with customizable options. Investment management research software allows you to generate custom watchlists and scanner filters. That way you want to miss a stock or a company you want to put under the microscope.

What kinds of investment research software are available for use?

In a nutshell – you can go with a general product category or decide on something narrow. Like a product that scans only a specific industry, let’s say the energy sector or transportation. The real dilemma comes from the next step. If you invest in a stock, will that satisfy your needs? Or will you choose to build an investment research software yourself? If the second possibility comes to fruition, consider using research and development services.



1-9 Employees
New York, United States
Est. 2021
Revolutionize how you work with SEC data, helping you find what you want in the fastest, easiest way possible. Millions of documents at your fingertips to pinpoint your next great investment idea. Set up fully customizable alerts, so you are always one step ahead of the competition with the latest news in your inbox.
  • SEC Data
  • Investing
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1-9 Employees
New York, United States
Est. 2004
Real Time Risk Systems manages the architecture, implementation and continual development of in-house derivatives analytics for multi-strategy managers. We actively provide this service to a small portfolio of large established hedge funds.
  • Real Time Trading
  • Analytics
  • Risk
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Searchable venture capital database

1-9 Employees
Est. 2020
VC deals is a searchable venture capital database that allows everyone including venture capitalists, founders, angel investors and angel investors to search startup funding deals by investor, location, round and more.
  • Market Research
  • Venture Capital
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StockLight Pty Ltd

1-9 Employees
Melbourne, Australia
Est. 2010
StockLight is an app available for free on iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets. StockLight will help you find attractive opportunities and keep your portfolio in good shape.
  • Qualitative Fundamental Research
  • Stocks
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1-9 Employees
Massachusetts, United States
Est. 2014
The Services consist of the following, without limitation: the financial data portal services, data analytics services, educational services, financial reporting and risk services, and communication services.
  • Market Data
  • Portfolio Management
  • Portfolio Risk Analytics
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Wealth Management Platform

1-9 Employees
San Francisco, United States
Est. 2009
Personalized wealth optimization service built for self-guided, socially responsible investors and money managers. We help investors of all levels and skills to achieve their personal financial goals by combining currently evolving financial engineering innovations, solid portfolio theories, robust optimization framework, and a very affordable digital investment advisory service.
  • Digital Wealth Optimization
  • Complete Portfolio Suggestion
  • Equity and Insider Reaserch
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Springfield, United States
Est. 2001
jStock is a stock control system which can be used as a point of sale system integrated with a barcode scanner.

Portfolio Optimization Software

Bethel, United States
Efficient Solutions is dedicated to bringing you innovative portfolio optimization, asset allocation and retirement software at an affordable price. Our products are designed for both investment professionals and sophisticated personal investors.

Boston, United States is committed to offering wall-street caliber data and trading tools to main street investors.