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Ruby on Rails is renown for fast programming process, testing capabilities and an abundance of useful (and reusable) third-party libraries. If your goal is to develop a robust FinTech application in a short time frame, learn more about Ruby on Rails or get in touch with us and let’s get down to the business!

What is Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a development tool consisting of a framework (Rails) and a programming language it uses (Ruby) for building websites and applications. “Convention over configuration” is the key to understand the strength of Ruby on Rails. This principle eliminates many repetitive, mundane tasks required for the development setup.

Ruby on Rails goes with Agile product development like peanut butter and jelly. It encourages collaboration, flexibility and quick response to changing requirements. These characteristics make Ruby on Rails extremely popular with startups and fast-scaling businesses.

Ruby on Rails services by Code & Pepper

End-to-end application development

If you need dedicated IT product development experts, Code & Pepper has got you covered. Let’s compose a full team to deliver your idea from A to Z with developers, designers, testers, project managers – you name it.

Ruby on Rails team augmentation

Ruby on Rails is your chosen programming tool, but it seems you can’t find developers who know it like the back of their hand? Maybe you’re struggling with recruiting the perfect match for your team? It’s our goal to provide you with the right people for the mission.

UI/UX design for Ruby on Rails applications

Apart from great frontend, every app needs an intuitive interface to attract and maintain loyal users. Code & Pepper designers will join forces with your Ruby on Rails developers to build outstanding software.

What you’ll like about Ruby on Rails

Rapid application development

Ruby on Rails holds several aces in its sleeve that make it the king of speed among programming languages. The Rails conventions ensure a quick project start and help developers move between projects. RoR also features a vast number of open-source libraries, which simplify the development and update processes. On top of all these perks, Ruby on Rails doesn’t require extensive, time-consuming documentation.

Abundance of gems

Third-party libraries, called gems, are a vital part of Ruby on Rails ecosystem. There’s a plethora of open-source (thus license-free) gems listed and searchable on RubyGems.org. Not only do they cover most used development patterns, which enables faster development, but also ensure clarity and consistency across your application’s code.

The Ruby family

The growing community behind Ruby on Rails has been attracting not only programming newbies, but also experienced developers switching from other languages. The “convention over configuration” approach and ready-made gems enable an easy start in the new environment. RoR has been widely used among Silicon Valley companies in their core technology stack, including such giants as Airbnb or Twitter.

Code, test, ship

The Rails community is highly focused on code quality and testing, which results in highly effective tools for automated tests. The whole culture of testing within RoR ensures the robust functioning of core software and third-party code (gems).

These companies use Ruby on Rails

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Smart Pension

Formula 1 growth speed without losing development quality

Smart Pension is a high-scaling FinTech company that has inspired a new approach to pension systems in the UK and abroad. Once their concept proved a success, the software team started growing exponentially. The only way to keep up the pace and quality was to hire developers externally and leave further recruitment to an experienced provider.

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What’s in it for you?

Hire on the go

Recruiting Ruby on Rails developers on your own can turn into a struggle or cause unnecessary costs. To avoid these issues, you’ll be better off hiring experts who will provide you with a perfect developer for your project.

Time is money

The sooner you find your perfect development team, the closer is your product release! But tech teams are a difficult group to recruit, especially on a short notice and with no expertise in this field. Leave this task to specialists – Code & Pepper will save you time, money and stress.

Tailor-made teams

It’s only natural that you want your application to scale. As a consequence, your team will have to scale, too. No matter if your team needs scaling or de-scaling, a stable base of professionals and resource reallocation on our side will let you adapt the team size without hassle.

Bulletproof code

Some people call code magic, but it’s not – it’s a combination of skills, expertise and professional attitude. Our Ruby on Rails developers follow top industry practices (such as code review, multiple types of tests, continuous integration/continuous development) to deliver outstanding web applications.

Trusted methodology

Before your product is released to actual users, the very idea behind it needs to be transformed into user journeys, tasks and responsibilities for every team member. By running projects in Scrum, we ensure you and all team members stay on the same page with the progress and are able to react quickly to any upcoming changes.

Client testimonial

Aurélien Bonnel CTO at TradeCrediTech (Nimbla)

Code & Pepper provides high-quality, reliable code and designs. Flexible, responsive, and dedicated to client satisfaction, working with their team continues to add a lot of value to the business overall.

14 years on the market

70+ employees

4.6 score on Clutch

Choose Ruby on Rails developers wisely

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