Boosting the FinTech Revolution with AZA: Shaping Global Payments in Africa

Supporting a game-changing international payment platform with software team augmentation
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About AZA Finance

AZA Finance, founded in Nairobi (Kenya) in 2013, has emerged as a revolutionary cross-border transaction platform, facilitating seamless and efficient money transfers for individuals and businesses across Africa. With a mission to enhance the financial landscape in African countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Uganda, AZA has introduced innovative solutions through its products, BFX and TransferZero, addressing the challenges of slow and unreliable payment systems.

This case study delves into the collaborative efforts between AZA and Code & Pepper in advancing AZA’s technological capabilities and expanding its impact on international business transactions.


Code & Pepper was hired to work on two products: BFX and TransferZero.

BFX by AZA: Transforming International Payments

The development of BFX by AZA marks a significant milestone in providing a secure and instant international payment platform. Aimed at facilitating business operations, including those of financial institutions, import/export companies, and FinTechs, BFX operates as a comprehensive solution for money transfers between Africa and the rest of the world. Elizabeth Rossiello, the founder of AZA, envisioned a platform that would eliminate the hassles of sending and receiving money from abroad, thereby attracting investors and enabling AZA to reach new markets.

TransferZero by AZA: Technological Development in FinTech Web Applications

The second project embarked on by AZA, with Code & Pepper’s assistance, targeted the optimization of web application development for users and administrators. This initiative aimed at automating data transmission between the AZA platform and banks handling USD transactions, integrating new compliance service providers, and introducing new currencies and transaction corridors.

Code & Pepper Solution

For BFX by AZA

Code & Pepper’s role in this endeavor was initially focused on front-end development, working closely with AZA’s in-house teams responsible for backend, design, and quality assurance. The collaboration evolved, with Code & Pepper contributing to user interface improvements, code reviews, and quality assurance processes, showcasing flexibility in team structure and project scope.

The front-end development leveraged React and Material-UI, incorporating advanced features like React Hooks and context API, and transitioning from JavaScript to TypeScript for enhanced application reliability.

For TransferZero by AZA

A significant innovation was the adoption of Backstage, an open-source application enabling intuitive microservice management by engineers and developers. This move towards an automated and responsive administrative platform involved extensive research, development, and integration efforts to ensure compatibility with existing infrastructure and security standards.

Key technological advancements included the use of TypeScript for cloud architecture, backend, and front-end development, along with Ruby, React.js, and Next.js. The project also emphasized user experience (UX) optimization and introduced automated testing with, marking a regional-level product innovation.

How did we succeed?

Both projects faced and overcame various challenges, including the integration of new technologies into existing systems, ensuring security standards, and adapting to market realities without manual interventions. The agile and scrum methodologies facilitated effective collaboration and innovation, allowing for the swift introduction of Backstage into AZA’s ecosystem and the successful implementation of automated processes and microservice management.

Overall, the success of project deliveries is attributed to Code & Pepper’s unique approach to software development, which introduces the key missing ingredients in financial software development, ensuring the best possible project outcomes.

Exceptional Talent

At Code & Pepper, we take a deep dive into the skills and qualities of our potential team members, examining more than 70 different attributes to single out the absolute best—the top 1.6% of candidates, to be precise. This rigorous talent-identification process means that only the most adept and proficient professionals, get to work on our projects.

​​Artificial Intelligence

We’re all about blending the smarts of AI tools with the irreplaceable touch of human talent. Imagine a team where tech-savvy wizards meet imaginative minds, creating what we call ‘centaur teams’. This mix is not just the future; it’s our present, making us all the more capable of dreaming up innovations and tackling tricky problems with ease.

Tech-Specific Expertise

When it comes to the technology we use, we’re pretty selective, diving deep into technologies like React, Node.js, Angular, and Ruby. Having such a laser focus means we’re not just using these technologies; we’re mastering them. This mastery lets us weave new tech into our work without missing a beat.


Our heartbeat quickens for FinTech development. In this realm, we’re not just participants; we’re pioneers, combining top-notch talent, cutting-edge AI, and our tech prowess with years of industry insight. This dedication ensures our solutions are more than just innovative—they’re custom-tailored to meet the exact needs and challenges of these sectors.

Tested Experience

Experience? 16 years, over 500 projects across the globe. At Code & Pepper, we’re not just doing the work; we’re leveraging a wealth of knowledge, talent, and tools to ensure every project crosses the finish line with flying colors. Because when it comes down to it, experience doesn’t just count; it’s everything.

Impact and Future Directions

The collaboration between AZA and Code & Pepper has significantly advanced AZA’s technological infrastructure, enabling more efficient, reliable, and inclusive payment solutions. The introduction of BFX and the optimization of web applications through Backstage have streamlined operations, reduced costs, and expanded AZA’s reach into new markets. Looking forward, AZA continues to focus on enhancing its services and exploring new technological frontiers to further support the growth of international business in Africa.


AZA’s commitment to innovation and its partnership with Code & Pepper has positioned it as a leader in the financial technology sector in Africa. By addressing the critical need for reliable payment systems and leveraging cutting-edge technology, AZA is paving the way for a more interconnected and financially inclusive African economy.

If I assign their engineers a task, it’s always delivered quickly, effectively, and to a standard that I’d expect.

Callum Dryden CTO at AZA

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