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In its origins, AZA’s goal was to help businesses move money in, out, and around Africa. Founded in Nairobi, Kenya in 2013, it is a cross-border transaction platform for individuals and entrepreneurs from African countries (Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda). Code & Pepper has had the pleasure to participate in building one of their latest products, BFX – an international instant payment platform.

About BFX by AZA

African economy is changing rapidly, but the growth of international business and freelancing outruns the development of reliable payment systems. African companies are suffering due to slow and fallible money transfers, which made Elizabeth Rossiello, the founder of AZA, come up with a secure platform that allowed anyone to send money outside Kenya and receive money from abroad without a hassle. They quickly drew investors’ attention, helped AZA reach new markets and transform into several branches serving different market goals.


Code & Pepper was hired to work on BFX – a step-by-step money transfer platform operating between Africa and the rest of the world. It serves mainly businesses, such as financial institutions, import/export companies, and other FinTech’s that want to send money more quickly and easily. The client’s resources focused on initial designs and back-end solutions while Code & Pepper’s job involved mainly front-end development. However, as the project advanced, the teams started cooperating even closer and the responsibilities have grown.

Code & Pepper Solutions for AZA

Flexible team structure and project scope

At first, our commitment to BFX involved only front-end development. A dedicated developer joined the team and worked hand in hand with people responsible for the backend, design and quality assurance. Project management and product ownership were handled by a team leader (and QA specialist at the same time) on the client’s side.

After a couple of sprints, it turned out that the team members were able to bring much more value to BFX in different areas of product development. Firstly, we came up with a number of improvements in the provided user interface, which were later implemented by the BFX in-house team. Also, we conducted a code review and participated in the quality assurance processes. 

React at its best

For the front-end side of the application, we used React connected with Material-UI, which is a framework for user interfaces. In order to make the most out of the chosen tools, we’ve included the latest features of React, such as React Hooks or context API. Also, we’ve replaced commonly used JavaScript with TypeScript, which made the whole application less prone to errors.


AZA team’s strong asset is the diversity of its members – it gathers people from different regions of the world and cultural backgrounds. In such an environment, everyone needs to put many assumptions aside and remain on communication clarity, common goals and mutual empathy.

Reliable communication approach

We started our collaboration with AZA from a challenging position – after their unsatisfactory experiences with the previous software development agency, we needed to step up our game in building trust and rapport. It was possible thanks to our approach to communication, including one-team policy and full transparency:

  • Providing everyone on the team with open access to all project resources,
  • Active participation in frequent project meetings,
  • Opening communication channels for all project team members 

The possibility to have an open discussion led us to new fields of cooperation, namely to exchange insights about the platform design and implement some of improvements proposed by the team members hired by Code & Pepper.

If I assign their engineers a task, it’s always delivered quickly, effectively, and to a standard that I’d expect.

Callum Dryden CTO at AZA

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