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How Code & Pepper helped Aspen through development and design
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Aspen is an investment analytics and asset management platform. It drives innovation in the wealth management sector, enabling innovation by using algorithms to match investment portfolios to clients. Read on to learn about custom solutions that Code & Pepper provided for the company, including end-to-end development, UX/UI design and cloud architecture.

About Aspen

Aspen is an Edinburgh-based FinTech company that delivers custom solutions to clients of investment advisers. The system is designed to retain the associated risk profile and achieve optimal diversification benefits. With gathered data, Aspen’s asset management offers a balanced portfolio for clients. The goal is to minimize risk and produce more reliable returns.


The main goal came in the form of designing the product around the customer journey. This is the application for future investors, so their risk tolerance and availability to fund specific projects is the key to overall product’s performance. By designing an interactive chart and report generation process, Code & Pepper was able to go through the entire development process from there.

Solutions for Aspen

The team of seven included a product owner, designers, front-end, back-end and quality assurance specialist. Also, a software architect. The main assumption behind the design was the simplicity – clear front-end and back-end design for quick access to all necessary information. Complicated navigation could jeopardize consulting for clients, so our efforts were focused on many options but presented in a slick way.

After initial contact with the client and his whole discovery journey, Aspen’s consultants can generate insightful reports about the client. All information is already there – his portfolio, risk tolerance, preferred investment model, even additional notes made throughout meetings.

The application also has a business intelligence unit. It helps monitor activities of each consultant and measure their effectiveness. It gives Aspen information about where to go next and how to enhance the product further.

Mix navigation panel

The fewer options users have on start, the more they can focus on choosing the right one and working with the client on their assets and investments. We have chosen a simple dashboard with quick access to all basic needs like adding a new client, managing existing ones, adjusting the questionnaire for potential investors and overall application’s options.

All helpful information in one place

Since accessibility was a priority, our team had developed a solution with charts and diagrams. That turned out to be a little overboard, so we have simplified the look to serve consultants even more. The result? All high-level information displayed in one place, under one tab, with an option to dig deeper if necessary.

Simple but deep

Both Aspen’s advisers and their clients can go through the app to review investment options for a number of years. With the portfolio, budget, risk profile and investor’s knowledge in mind, advisers can easily match projects suitable for the specific client type.

Organized workflow for a tailored application

To keep the project within the estimated timeline and budget, we have constantly communicated with the client. In our approach, seamless contact and transparency is the key for moving forward and developing the best possible version of the product.

Product KPI analytics for better future

To achieve necessary results, we took the data-driven approach. This turned out to be beneficial for Aspen, as they could make more informative and strategic decisions about future product enhancement.

We have established analytics to drive future product growth based on users’ behavior:

  • time spend on product
  • conversion rate
  • tracking the usage of key functionalities

We have worked with Code & Pepper on our platform and they have displayed nothing short of technical knowledge, commitment and overall project management skills. Thanks to their crew we were able to launch a seamlessly designed platform and get positive feedback from early users. The project was always timeline- and budget-oriented which is always nice-to-have.

Andrew Spence Director
at North Capital (Aspen)

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