Signed, Sealed, Delivered: End-to-End Development and UI/UX Design for Oathello

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Developing software that can be safely used by legal and insurance industry requires understanding the level of responsibility behind the product and expertise in leading technologies. Code & Pepper contributed to the web development and design of Oathello, an exciting LawTech solution that is about to transform the business information exchange and decision-making processes as we know it.

About Oathello

Oathello is a digital document signing, execution and completion platform designed to accelerate the financial processes and data exchange. The solution enables the user to fill and deliver verified documents 100% online and self-serve. It reduces the delay associated to document certification from weeks to minutes! Acknowledged by Barclays Techstars Alumni and other respected financial partners, Oathello has a potential to redefine the reality of document flow in businesses and institutions. 


A self-service document completion, signing and verification tool was the vision Oathello founders headed for. However, they had to start with an MVP to prove their concept and attract investors for further development. The very first version of the product, created by Code & Pepper from scratch, involved limited functionality, but just enough to present the solution potential. We created an API-first solution that combined versatility and simplicity.

Solutions for Oathello

API-first development approach

When working on Oathello, we had to keep in mind that the tool is meant to integrate with other platforms. Instead of following the usual product-first development path, we chose the  API-first approach. Starting from the core mechanism behind the product resulted in a more developer-friendly structure, easier to integrate and adapt to different clients’ needs. From the business side of the story, producing API in the beginning was the perfect way to showcase Oathello’s functionalities and grab the attention of investors.

User experience = developer experience

It doesn’t happen often that the application’s user experience is designed for three parties: the business user, end user and developer. Oathello was different because its core concept is built around external platform integrations instead of a standalone product. An API-based structure helps developers work in a synchronous, efficient pattern and develop new services and features without risking an integration failure due to endless dependencies. The final result enables other platforms to build multi-level signing and witnessing procedures while the end user is guided through a clear and simple path. 

Code & Pepper provided an impressive level of service outside the original scope of requirements. At no additional charge, they proactively redesigned the product to enhance the final version. They took on the bulk of project management responsibilities and facilitated an open line of dialogue throughout.

Duncan Campbell, Head of Product at Oathello

Web interface

For starters, we focused on car insurance. The goal was to let the customer complete the accident report and car rental claim online, from start to finish. This process had to include digital signing with the possibility to prove that the signing took place. Apart from that, the platform should enable document tracking and recall. 

Document signing on mobile devices

Reading small-print documents on a smartphone is a struggle that all Oathello users would be facing. This required designing a fully independent mobile interface with a custom user flow.

Technologies and solutions for Oathello

Code & Pepper services for Oathello

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