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Building LawTech software puts great demands on all product team members – they need to combine domain knowledge with technological excellence. Code & Pepper is here to meet all these demands and aim even higher.

Code & Pepper services for LawTech & LegalTech

Web development

No matter how far you are with your product development, the team hired by Code & Pepper will thoroughly analyse your product and come up with optimal technologies to maximise the app’s market potential.

Product design

In a narrow and complex area such as law and legal matters, designing software poses a double challenge – it requires domain knowledge to transform into UI and UX patterns. We’ve got you covered on all stages of LawTech product design!

API development & integration

For some applications, their full potential is revealed when integrated with other products. If this is the best option for your idea, we’ll come up with API solutions that will help your business scale.

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Big data

The amount of data processed by businesses is growing exponentially, and LawTech is no exception to this trend. The LawTech and LegalTech software created by Code & Pepper is designed with high performance and efficient data processing in mind.

LawTech development challenges? Accepted!


Legal regulations across the globe have to change as fast as the changes in the way people and businesses work, which means one thing – they change constantly and rapidly. This results in the necessity to update and adapt LawTech products to the new law immediately. What’s more, the products that operate in different countries need to take legal differences into account by customising its design.

Data security

Many LawTech products operate using sensitive data, which means the development team has to be familiar with security development tools and keep an expert eye on testing such solutions. Potential flaws in application security are often viewed as a deal-breaker to its success… or failure.

Building trust with design

What many designers overlook – or underestimate – in LawTech product development is the strong emotional factor connected with the use of such apps. Users need to believe that your product will facilitate the issues they usually struggle with, so there is no room for poor onboarding or complicated interface. The application needs to maintain a healthy balance between the benefits it offers to users in return and the amount of sensitive information it requires.


LawTech is an area of endless domains and opportunities to digitise, which makes it impossible to create a one-in-all solution (apart from that, the costs of development would skyrocket immediately). By developing an integration-ready product, you can significantly increase its market value and the spectrum of its applications across different industries.


Enhance LegalTech with cutting-edge technology and design

Developing software that can be safely used by legal and insurance industry requires understanding the level of responsibility behind the product and expertise in leading technologies. Code & Pepper contributed to the web development and design of Oathello, an exciting LegalTech solution that is about to transform the business information exchange and decision-making processes as we know it.
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Client testimonial

Duncan Campbell Head of Product at Oathello

Code & Pepper provided an impressive level of service outside the original scope of requirements. At no additional charge, they proactively redesigned the product to enhance the final version. They took on the bulk of project management responsibilities and facilitated an open line of dialogue throughout.

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