Patchwork Health: on a mission to solve the global healthcare workforce crisis

When extensive specialist expertise meets the missing technology ingredient, the future of health staffing happens
Patchwork Health
HealthTech Development
Ruby on Rails

Healthcare is a socially and technologically challenging sector. It requires knowledge, skills, and an appropriate approach to change implementation. We took up the challenge by working on a well-thought-out and refined product.


Patchwork is a HealthTech company that provides solutions created with healthcare professionals in the UK in mind. It gives them the ability to control their time, workplace, and finances. Thanks to the application, medical personnel can take job offers in accordance with individual preferences. It is also a response to the staff shortages that have so far been filled by employment agencies. Medical facilities can directly reach people interested in a permanent or temporary job. This minimizes employment costs and enables better human resources management. All this increases the level of health care and the very quality of patient treatment.


The last few years have been an intense phase of growth for Patchwork. The product is very popular in the UK market. The client checked in with us before the next round of funding.

It was a very important moment for the Patchwork team. They needed quick support, experienced Ruby developers, and QA specialists.


And so we entered the project. We changed the architecture, refactored the code, and prepared new functionalities. We saved the client from oppression, who has been called our team “Polish Army” ever since!

The project engineering team consists of five smaller teams that work on the development of individual modules that allow employees to manage the schedule independently, and medical facilities to manage human resources. The applications take into account the regulations of labor law in the UK.

Sneak peek into the technology

Currently, it is a monolith – this solution allows you to quickly implement new functionalities, which is very important in the case of a startup. For the purposes of the project, we have created two microservices written in Ruby and Python.


We are divided into smaller teams. Some of us are responsible for maintaining the company’s core product, and some for implementing new solutions. This requires learning about the different areas of app operation and the relationships between them.

We are developing an application for managing the HR and financial processes of employees. We are introducing a new system of calculating remuneration, which takes into account changes and hourly rates in a specific medical facility, taxes, and margins charged by employment agencies when applied. The engine is based on data sent to the server via an Excel sheet. Such a sheet has a complicated structure that must be properly read and converted into database elements. Important in this process is data validation and performing correct calculations for a specific change.

We are also enhancing the module for managing the schedules of doctors. This requires us to write engines that take into account labor law regulations related to ensuring breaks between on-call and working days. This solution allows employees to apply for a day off much easier.

The future

In the near future, we plan to improve the UX of the booking process for a given shift by updating the current views to the so-called “Interactive calendar”.

Work with experienced engineers

Any software developer can write code. Some create quality code. Ours add extra spice to the code to meet the market’s refined taste.
Contact us and see for yourself.

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