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Developers? Check! Designers? Check! Testers? Check! Is there anyone missing on board? Yes… All bright minds on your team can shine even brighter when accompanied by a resourceful Scrum master and insightful product owner. Let us find you the best person for the job and get your product on the move!

Scrum team management roles at Code & Pepper

Product owner

Planning how the product should look and function is hard enough, especially when you’re figuring it all out by yourself! A skilled product owner can put your ideas into an actionable plan, saving lot of stress and risks. Our experts will carefully analyse your product and come up with smart ideas to bring the best of it.

Scrum master

Even though Scrum promotes self-organising teams, at a certain point of product development every team could use someone to keep all processes and communication in check. Code & Pepper can find a perfect project manager for your team who will bring comfort and clarity using agile methodologies.

Scrum in team augmentation

Scrum is our go-to methodology in team augmentation, but for quick projects – up to 3 months – we may also switch to Kanban. Whatever the duration, your team at Code & Pepper will use proven measurement techniques to determine project velocity and plan reliably.

Scrum development solves many problems


Another strong pillar of Scrum project management is fluent communication on all levels. Team members update each other on a daily basis and frequent meetings (depending on the iteration period) regarding the project progress are held in order to keep both the team and the client on the same page. Thanks to several types of meetings (planning, backlog refinement, review, retrospective, etc.), each of them has a specific focus and results in adequate action points for the next stage of the project.


One of the biggest differentiators of Scrum among project management frameworks is the transparency. It starts with the backlog, which gathers all future to-do items and is available to everyone involved in the project. The goal of each iteration is clearly stated during the planning session. The framework’s step-by-step structure lets the client and the team track the project progress and stay on the same page when it comes to further planning or problem solving.

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Scrum helps companies overcome one of the common obstacles in effective cooperation – analysing and understanding the essence of the work needed to achieve the goal. Breaking overwhelming ideas into short, precise to-do items helps maintain high efficiency and boost motivation. The team is practically serf-organising – the tasks are assigned according to people’s experience, skill set and availability, which means everybody is able to deliver their best work in optimal time, for the benefit of the client and the product.


The process of product development can be affected by more factors than you can think of – budget issues, team rotation, competitors’ tactics, priority changes, etc. This calls for a management framework that allows quick adaptation to new conditions. Scrum is exactly what you need with its short-term sprints (from 1 to 4 weeks) and the strategy of breaking large assignments into small tasks. It makes changes easier to handle and monitor the progress.


Fill in the skill gap in your team to move forward

LUSID is an advanced financial software solution for the asset management industry. Code & Pepper helped to design and build a website application in Angular. The project scope included requirements management, design and development. We have used a variety of skills provided and found using the Scrum process to be very beneficial to measuring the progress of the project.

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Client testimonials

Thomas McHugh Founder & Director at Finbourne

We have used a variety of skill sets provided by Code & Pepper, including UX design and development. We have also found using their Scrum process to be very beneficial to measuring the progress of the project. We are happy to recommend Code & Pepper as a partner.

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