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UX services for banking should always have seamless navigation in mind.
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UX design for banking – less is more

First impressions are everything. A user should perceive your product as easy to use yet powerful enough to address every challenge in respective categories. UX for a mobile bank should take into account all of this and seamlessly guide a user through various in-app options.

We have years of experience in FinTech UX design. After 14 years on the market and hundreds of finished products, we know that the easy way out is a bad choice. UX services for banks should go through at least a few iterations to achieve the desired outcome. A healthy mix of domain knowledge and experimentation is what we do best.

UX services for banking with user acquisition in mind

Successful UX design takes into account business requirements as well as the users’ needs and feelings. It anticipates and solves pain points so that your banking app can attract new users and turn them into loyal customers. Our design team has a well-tested approach when it comes to creating intuitive financial solutions that empower its users. We understand the key factors that define memorable UX design for banking, and we use this expertise to deliver apps that outshine the others.

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Olga Pogorzelska
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How does your product help users?

A huge FinTech advantage over traditional banking is the ability to immediately generate value. It can offer a variety of solutions — payments, loans, insurance, or something else. FinTech design principles focus on the user and aim to result in simple yet engaging applications. UX design for banking should build on the users’ needs and deliver templates that are good on the first take.

What are their daily struggles?

FinTech applications should always address real, not imaginary problems. UX services for banks can highlight the application’s ability to help. Providing clean and informative design with immediately understood feedback is what we do. Every button, microcopy and colour variant will serve the user directly. No hustle, no guessing, no problem. Only transparent and useful messaging.

How do you want them to perceive you?

There are many UX design patterns. All of them benefit the user with direct and clear messaging. We should put them in the product to make the user understand what will happen after the tap, waiting for the app’s response and with various other scenarios. But this is only part of it. We can design the overall look of the app but we want to know how you want to position the product on the market.

What are the functionalities?

For us, UX design for banking is a mindset. We can’t separate the product’s look from how it works. People tend to judge the application based on first impressions as well as functionalities that provide value. Forgetting about one of these will cause a market failure. UX and mobile banking are two pieces of the same pie. Our specialists will work with you during sprints to make sure we understand how the product should behave and what users can do.

BFX is a money transfer platform helping African businesses form supplier and partner relationships. The product utilised AZA’s hybrid infrastructure and currency trading solutions to provide quick and secure cross-border transactions. Easy set-up, transparent pricing and reduced settlement period makes BFX a cost-effective proposition. It bridges the technology gap in the local market and stimulates the African economy.

Front-end developers supplied by Code & Pepper were instrumental in implementing the user interface with React and Material-UI components.

Their role within the client’s development team also included code reviews and participating in QA processes. The technology partnership between Code & Pepper and AZA has grown stronger with time and the exceptional team diversity nurtured through open communication and transparency makes it one of the most significant team augmentation success stories in our portfolio.

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James Varga CEO and Founder
DirectID (The ID Co.)

We value Code & Pepper for their proactive attitude, responsiveness and transparency. It’s a reliable and dependable company that we can recommend for other business entities to cooperate with.

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Thomas McHugh Founder and Director

We have used a variety of skill sets provided by Code & Pepper, including UX design and development. We have also found using their Scrum process to be very beneficial to measuring the progress of the project. We are happy to recommend Code & Pepper as a partner.

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PhD Johannes Fritz Project Manager
Global Trade Alert

Code & Pepper became involved in the design process already at the bidding stage. Even though they didn’t have much time to answer our complex request for tenders, the effect was mind-blowing. They had a very practical approach from the very beginning, and this is what made us select them.

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