Node.js Engineer
Talent Definition

Everyone alleges talent. Our unrivaled method
uncovers the supreme 1.6%.

The Technical Skills
that Set Our NodeJS Team Apart

We have high expectations for our Node.js developers and
we verify their competencies in 20 tech areas across 4 categories.
This ensures that our talents meet our unique technical requirements.
You can find a full list of the competencies and how we verify them below.

  1. Category #1:

    Programming Skills

    Checking programming skills in areas such as TypeScript, Node.js, frameworks, testing, databases, APIs, and security is crucial to ensure the candidates’ qualifications.
    • The engineer with these competencies:

    • Knowledge
      of TypeScript

      • Possesses strong knowledge of TypeScript, including advanced typing skills
      • Understands the relationship between TypeScript and JavaScript
    • Knowledge
      of Node.js

      • Demonstrates proficiency in Node.js from a technical standpoint, including concepts such as Event Loop and Timers
      • Understands the advantages and disadvantages of node.js and how they relate to specific projects or solutions
      • Keeps up-to-date with new Node.js developments and advancements
    • Knowledge
      of frameworks

      • ossesses knowledge of popular frameworks such as Express.js and Nest.js, including their features and optimal use cases
    • Automated
      QA skills

      • Is capable of writing automated tests, including unit, integration, and end-to-end tests
      • Recognizes the significance of different test types within the overall test pyramid
      • Can collaborate with other programmers and testers to determine and justify the scope of test automation across various contexts (e.g. business, technical, and human)
    • Database

      • CIs able to select and defend the choice of a database solution (including identifying risks associated with specific options), particularly between relational and non-relational databases
    • Knowledge
      of APIs

      • Understands the purpose of REST APIs, their functioning, and how to implement them
      • Differentiates between REST APIs and GraphQL APIs, and recognizes the factors that determine which type of API is more suitable for a particular scenario
    • Security

      • Possesses knowledge of good security practices and is capable of implementing security requirements in practice.
  2. Category #2:

    and Tooling

    Having strong infrastructure and tooling skills
    is a crucial factor in our talent selection methodology.
    • The engineer with these competencies:

    • Infrastructure

      • Knows best practices for deploying, monitoring, and debugging a solution in a production environment
      • Can deploy and manage an application in production at a basic level
    • Cloud

      • Can suggest how to implement a Node.js back-end solution on a selected cloud computing platform
      • Understands how the choice of cloud computing affects the code creation and future development of the software
    • OS and

      • Understands basic issues related to operating systems and network communication and their impact on back-end solutions
      • Understands and can use Docker solutions
    • Proficient
      in Git

      • Proficient in using Git version control system
      • Familiar with different Git workflows and can suggest and implement one based on the project context
      • Understands the impact of the chosen workflow on the CI/CD process
    • CI/CD

      • Can configure an optimal CI/CD pipeline compatible with solution architecture, Git workflow, and deployment on cloud computing or other server resources
    • Message

      • Knows the purpose of message broker solutions (e.g. RabbitMQ, Kafka) and can determine whether their use is justified in the current project
  3. Category #3:


    Having strong business-oriented skills is a key factor
    that defines both talent and seniority-level in our methodology.
    • The engineer with these competencies:

    • Business

      • Identifies and refines business requirements
      • Translates business requirements into technical specifications and proposes appropriate solutions for implementation
    • Business

      • Proposes solutions that meet current business and technical needs and is open to different approaches and tools
      • Is not limited to a single type of solution, architecture, or tool, and maintains a balanced perspective on different approaches and tools
      • Understands the pros and cons of various solutions and approaches in different contexts
      • Recognizes the impact of non-functional requirements on solution selection
    • Problem-solving

      • Conducts research on new or unfamiliar solutions or tools
      • Presents advantages, disadvantages, and risks associated with implementing analyzed solutions and provides recommendations for implementation decisions
  4. Category #4:

    Dev Process

    Proficiency in dev process skills is an important factor in determiningthe talent and seniority-level of an engineer in our methodology.
    • The engineer with these competencies:

    • Dev process

      • Understands Agile methodologies for the software development process
      • Identifies and raises issues with current processes/methodologies
    • Visual

      • Creates visual diagrams to document the solution being developed (system diagrams, process diagrams, flowcharts, etc.)
    • Design

      • Uses established practices and patterns (e.g. SOLID)
      • Considers ease of future maintenance and development when creating code
    • Tech problem-

      • Diagnoses and proposes solutions for technical problems in the solution

Raising the Bar: Identifying Genuine
NodeJS Talent in Our Team

Our recruitment standards are stringent, with only the top 1.6% of candidates being successful in joining the Code & Pepper team.

Our comprehensive selection process incorporates unique competency criteria and validation procedures, ensuring that we recruit only the cream of the crop when it comes to NodeJS developers. Out of 3083 applicants, a mere 51 individuals passed our strict expectations.

As a result, our roster is filled with the most proficient and gifted NodeJS developers in the field. Engage with exceptional NodeJS talents or continue reading to discover our definition of ‘talent’.

Hire true talents

The Soft Skills
that Distinguish Our NodeJS Team

To ensure our Node.js developers meet our senior-level requirements,
we assess their soft skills in 11 areas within 2 categories. Below is a
complete list of the competencies we evaluate and how we verify them.

  1. Category #1:

    Collaboration Skills

    We highly value soft skills such as effective communication, excellent
    English proficiency, a helpful and mentoring attitude, transparency,
    and openness to feedback in our team members.
    • The engineer with these competencies:

    • Communication

      • Can communicate noticed problems and proposals for changes in a balanced, neutral, and unbiased way (does not judge, does not elevate themselves, does not ridicule)
      • Can communicate their own needs and problems in the project (especially difficulties encountered), while maintaining a non-entitlement attitude
      • Can participate in discussions in a way that encourages conversation. Can guide the discussion towards making decisions or defining a course of action
      • Can discuss and explain technical issues to non-technical people Category: Soft Skills/Communication
    • English

      • Can use the English language to a sufficient extent to effectively communicate their needs, noticed problems, and ideas
      • Can converse in English on non-technical topics
    • Helpfulness
      & mentoring

      • Is open to supporting other team members in carrying out their tasks (including being open to pair programming)
      • Can mentor less experienced team members (identify areas that need improvement/development, provide knowledge and best practices, check other people’s work and give constructive feedback)
    • Transparency

      • Can admit to a mistake and does not hide its consequences
      • Can admit to not knowing something or lacking experience
      • Does not hide their intentions and goals (if they affect their work in the team/project)
      • Can openly communicate the factors that affect their efficiency and motivation to work
    • Open
      to feedback

      • Understands the broader context of business needs, technical possibilities, and human potential, and their impact on the team’s work style
  2. Category #2:

    Work Ethic and Responsibility

    We prioritize skills such as thoroughness, responsibility, engagement, effectiveness, good work organization, and flexibility to ensure our team members deliver high-quality work on time and adapt to changing needs.
    • The engineer with these competencies:

    • Thoroughness

      • Can thoroughly analyze a technical problem and correctly diagnose its cause
      • Can thoroughly analyze a selected solution, approach, or tool and present the method and chances and risks associated with its implementation
    • Responsibility

      • Feels responsible for the tasks entrusted to them and does not evade responsibility for their actions and their consequences
      • Feels responsible for the solution being created and openly communicates the risks associated with the decisions/actions taken on the solution being created (e.g., its quality, safety, ease of maintenance)
    • Engagement
      & proactivity

      • Can proactively report the need for changes in the solution or the way it is being implemented
      • Openly signals problems and risks in the team/project
    • Effectiveness

      • Can effectively carry out the tasks entrusted to them (by completing them independently or engaging other team members)
      • Openly and without unnecessary delay communicates threats (risks), dependencies, and problems that may prevent them from effectively performing their tasks
    • Good work

      • Completes assigned tasks and duties within the agreed-upon timeframe, and communicates openly if unable to meet deadlines, especially when other team members’ work depends on it.
      • Can prioritize their tasks while considering the needs of other individuals or the entire team.
      • Respects the time and work hours of other team members when involving them in tasks or projects.
    • Flexibility

      • Can adjust their work style and communication method to the current team’s needs
      • Can adjust the scope of tasks performed to the team’s needs (while being able to communicate if the scope or frequency of changes has a negative impact on their efficiency and motivation to work — see Transparency)

What Makes Our NodeJS Team
the Crème de la Crème?

Soft skills form the cornerstone of our talent selection approach. We meticulously assess them across firmly established categories and domains, such as collaboration and work ethic. This evaluation, incorporating 33 essential soft skills, helps us ascertain whether an engineer truly operates at a senior level.

If you’re on the hunt for top-tier senior NodeJS developers, or if you’re intrigued by our strategy for scrutinizing soft skills, delve deeper by continuing to read.

Our NodeJS team members’ exceptional soft skill proficiency could be the secret ingredient to your project’s success.

Hire true talents

AI Tools Empower Engineers:
Igniting the Synergy of Human-AI Collaboration

Merging human expertise & AI, our talented engineers unlock the power
of AI-enhanced collaboration, mastering complex challenges with
unrivaled efficiency & ingenuity.

  1. AI Tooling

    These AI tools, combined with the expertise of Code & Pepper’s elite 1.6% engineers, enable our Human-AI centaur teams to deliver high-quality, innovative, and reliable FinTech and HealthTech solutions by improving various aspects of the software development process.
    • The engineer with AI tooling competencies:

    • Code completion and suggestion

      • Knows tools that use AI to analyse code and suggest code snippets, functions, and variables based on the context in which the user is coding (examples include GitHub Copilot and TabNine).
    • Code analysis
      and review

      • Knows tools that use AI to analyse code and provide feedback on code quality, security, and performance (examples include CodeGuru, CodeClimate, and Snyk).
    • Testing and debugging

      • Knows tools that use AI to help developers create tests, find bugs, and debug code (examples include: Applitools, Functionize, and Diffblue Cover).
    • Enhanced

      • Knows AI-driven security tools that use machine learning to monitor software for potential vulnerabilities and threats (examples include Darktrace and Snyk).

AI-Driven Innovation:
Elevating Our Engineers’ Mastery

Discover how our engineers harness AI tools to enhance code completion, review, testing, and security. This unparalleled fusion of human talent and AI technology delivers top-notch solutions that surpass expectations and set new industry benchmarks.

Only the most skilled engineers, like our top 1.6%, can effectively steer these tools to achieve the right results, ensuring that our team maintains its position at the cutting edge of innovation.

By investing in exceptional talent, we empower our engineers to create solutions that truly redefine excellence.

Hire Human-AI talents

The unique recipe for NodeJS talent
identification yields a unique result:


Over the course of one year, we evaluated an impressive 3083 candidates for our team.

1 in every 60

Only 1 in every 60 successfully passed our rigorous technical and soft skills evaluation process to join our exceptional team.

true talents

It means that only 1.6% of candidates truly possess exceptional talent, and they are highly valued members of the Code & Pepper team, eager to contribute to your project’s success.

Code & Pepper has been very responsive to our business needs. When new requirements emerged, they were fast and diligent to provide us with Node.js candidates that fully met our requirements.

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