We did it one more time – in 2022 we got the prestigious Forbes Diamond award for the second time in a row! It means, that after a breakthrough which 2020 was for us, we managed to maintain the pace and we still are among the top growing companies in Poland and the fastest one in our category. 

Code & Pepper was awarded with the Forbes Diamond 2022

What the Forbes Diamond award is

The Forbes Diamond award is a way of recognising those companies which increase their value year-by-year for at least three consecutive years. Now, there are many of such companies and the committee takes into account literally all of them. All you need to do is to send a financial report to KRS – the Polish equivalent of the British Companies House or directly to Dun & Bradstreet Poland. It makes the competition very accurate. The jury collected data for 2016-2020 from over 15000 enterprises from all over the country. Moreover, Dun & Bradstreet’s analysts eliminated those with a risk score higher than 4.

Then, the competitors are divided by regions and their scale:

  • small businesses, with revenues between 5 and 50 million PLN
  • medium-sized companies, with revenues between 50 and 250 million PLN
  • large enterprises, with revenues exceeding 250 million PLN

How were the competitors assessed?

After building a giant database, the analytics experts used the Swiss assessment method to assign scores. It mixes the income and asset-based approaches. This methodology was chosen to make sure that companies which had invested a lot (those that may have seemed to have lower revenues at a first glance) could be treated properly.

The end results

After the long wait, we got news about how we did in 2022 in the morning of the last Thursday of January and the results made us super-happy for the second time in a row!

Code & Pepper’s category was small businesses and the results were as following:

We believe we achieved this feat thanks to staying very specialised, completely transparent and keeping the quality of work top-notch – as our clients often say. This success would never be possible without them, thank you, guys!