Transforming Insurance in Canada:
Our Journey with Blanket

Join us on a journey through our collaboration with Blanket,
an innovative mobile app reshaping the insurance landscape.
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Blanket: Unleashing Unlimited Insurance Possibilities Through an App!

Blanket is a revolutionary mobile app that takes a novel approach to insurance, allowing users to secure coverage for anything they value—from personal items and pets to electronic appliances. Blanket makes obtaining insurance for life, travel, automobiles, pets, and even personal belongings, as easy as few clicks on your mobile device.

Our Role in the Project

Our collaboration with Blanket kicked off at the project planning stage for the mobile version of their existing web application. Our developers got involved right from the design phase and started contributing immediately!

Initially, we focused on crafting the app’s architecture. While we had free rein to choose the technologies to use for the mobile application, Firebase was the one client-specified solution.

We’re currently integrating insurance providers from the back end and automating the insurance-to-PDF generation via Cloud Functions. Front-end-wise, the app now supports multiple languages, social media login, biometric authorization, push notifications, and even limited offline use.

We’re integrating Google Analytics to better understand user behavior in the initial live phase of the app.

What’s Next for Us?

The current mobile app version allows user profile management and the management of already purchased policies. Future development phases will introduce the ability to purchase insurance, document scanning for purchase (OCR), and live video chat with insurance advisors.

True React Native Talents
Behind Blanket’s Success

Beyond just credentials, our selection process deeply evaluates over 70 React Native-specific skills. This approach enables us to tap into the top 1.6% of high-performing talent, ensuring our development services are truly world-class.

Key Technologies Employed
in Crafting Blanket’s Insurance App

Let’s Innovate Together

Inspired by our work with Blanket? Get in touch today and let’s reshape the future of your industry together,
one app at a time.

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