Simplifying Insurance Management
in Germany with SureIn

Join us on our journey to streamline insurance management for SMEs
with SureIn, saving businesses hundreds of euros annually.
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In business, it’s always better to be safe than sorry! SureIn, a company well-versed in the pains of small and medium enterprises, knows this all too well. SureIn has developed a software platform that makes it easy for businesses in Germany to search, compare, purchase, and manage insurance policies. With these features, entrepreneurs can optimize nearly 47.5% of their insurance expenses of a similar class, saving them hundreds of euros annually!

Product Overview

Upon registration with the SureIn application, the user fills out a form. Based on this information, the application assesses the level of the company’s protection against potential losses. Based on the user’s answers, SureIn automatically analyzes the market for products meeting the specified criteria. The application also facilitates long-term risk management – the scope of insurance can change along with the needs of the business.

Our Contribution to the Project

Our collaboration with SureIn started in October 2022. A big challenge for the developers joining the project was understanding the business requirements. SureIn’s application is a fairly complex product active on the market and constantly evolving. We devote a lot of time to discussions with the client and making technical decisions.

Before starting development, we worked on improving the quality of the code, fixing bugs, and integrating with external insurance providers’ APIs to retrieve offer information and broaden the range of services.

Recently, we have been managing changes in architecture, managing infrastructure, and the deployment process. We implemented an automated insurance offer recommendation system.

A key task for us was simplifying the process of acquiring new clients.

Our Node.js Talents
Driving SureIn’s Success

Rather than relying solely on reputation, we employ a rigorous evaluation process that assesses over 70 Node.js-specific skills. This allows us to identify and utilize the top 1.6% of high-performing talent, guaranteeing our development services are of exceptional quality.

Technologies Used in Building
SureIn’s Insurance Management System

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