UX/UI Design for Monet: Creating a Bold, Memorable Look for the Creative Industry

How to design an easy-to-navigate cash flow management platform that draws in busy creators
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For artists, influencers, and freelancers, the creative aspect of their work is key. But the administrative part of running a business can’t be ignored, even though it might seem boring or complicated. The Monet platform aims to help creators manage their business and get paid for their work instantly. To make their vision reality, Monet needed fresh product design that would appeal to creative entrepreneurs… and Code & Pepper had exactly the ideas and skills necessary to create it.

About Monet

Monet is a cash flow and business admin platform for creatives and freelancers. It supports creators through an Instant Pay feature combined with invoicing. Monet users can easily issue invoices and have them paid immediately. They don’t have to worry about collecting payments anymore. Instead, they can welcome more security and reliability into their business.

The app facilitates the admin side of running a small business, which many young creators might find difficult and time-consuming. With Monet, they can easily manage their finances and create contracts within the app.


Monet approached Code & Pepper with a clearly outlined vision for the app. Our team was tasked with creating the UX design/UI design and equipping it with the flair that would draw in the target audience. Since Monet’s users consist of small business owners in the creative industry including artists and influencers, it was crucial to make the platform visually appealing. We also had to take into account that Monet’s future users are tech savvy. The product we would design had to fit right in among the apps users use (and love) on a daily basis.

Understanding the user to deliver seamless experience

To give the Monet app the right look and feel, we had to examine its target users more closely. Through workshops with the client, we developed a buyer persona. This profile outlined the users’ expectations and key reasons for using Monet.

Next, Code & Pepper drafted the user journey. We examined the user’s activities typically done in their job, from securing a contract to getting paid. Each activity was translated into specific tasks to be completed either within the app or outside of it. This helped to understand what users will need from the app and how exactly they will use it.

We also prepared a user story map, defining the features that needed to be built. The tasks were sorted by priority and release version and would serve as a roadmap for the development stage.

Bold design that attracts attention

Visually, the Monet app suits its target audience. It’s eye-catching, trendy, and original. The product wouldn’t look out of place among beloved social media and creativity apps. The bright colours give the platform an easily recognisable look. It’s bound to inspire conversations and expose it to more potential users.

Easy-to-use and intuitive app for busy small business owners

User-friendliness is at the core of this UX/UI design. Having analysed Monet’s typical user, we knew that the overall experience needed to be hassle-free. Creators don’t want to spend a lot of time on admin tasks. They’d rather engage more with the creative side of their businesses. The process flows we created put the users’ needs first and foremost. It resulted in a product that’s easy to navigate, even for users who are not well-versed in the admin work. The user can easily complete their tasks and find exactly the information they need. Managing invoices and cash flow becomes simple, and the design nudges satisfied users to convert into paying customers of the premium account.

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