Meet Node Developers With a Knack for FinTech

Node.js makes a perfect fit for web applications with multiple users exchanging data in real time. It also gives developers the freedom to create efficient and scalable applications. If you’re looking for Node developers who are seasoned in FinTech, give us a shout!

What is Node?

Node.js is an open source, cross-platform runtime environment based on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine and supported by Mac, Windows and Linux. Although not limited to back-end work, Node remains a top choice for server-side development due to its focus on maximising throughput and efficiency, so that applications remain fast-performing and highly scalable. This is achieved thanks to an event-driven non-blocking I/O model and asynchronous request handling.

The benefits of back-end work in Node don’t end there. By enabling full-stack JavaScript development (or TypeScript compiled to JS), product teams can work faster, share or reuse code and switch dynamically between the client and the server-side. Mindful of the importance of knowledge-sharing and troubleshooting, a vibrant community of Node practitioners and programming enthusiasts makes sure Node developers never run out of plugins, libraries, free tools, and reference materials.

Node web development services by Code & Pepper

End-to-end Web Development

Node is one of the technologies we use to create performant applications loved by users. It will be incorporated into your technology stack once we make sure it is the best option for the product.

UI/UX Design for Real-Time Applications

Whether we write code from scratch or deal with an existing product, the customer-facing side of your application will be aligned with the purpose of the app, your business goals and current industry standards.

Node Developers Team Augmentation

Do you struggle to hire Node.js developers who would meet your expectations? Maybe you’re not sure what to expect? Code & Pepper will recruit, verify and onboard the optimal match for your company.

Win new users with real-time features built in Node

Few things boost engagement and UX as much as real-time technology. Our Node developers can give your FinTech app that interactive edge.

The bright side of Node.js web development

Efficiency in real time

With Node.js, it’s possible to develop web products with real-time, two-way connections, where both the client and server can initiate communication and exchange data freely. Node.js also helps applications process multiple requests simultaneously, which is essential if you want to keep up with the expectations of today’s users.

Scalability by default

The name of the framework is derived from its node-based structure. One of the key advantages of Node is the ease of scaling applications both horizontally and vertically. Horizontal scaling takes place by adding new nodes to the existing system, while vertical scaling is done by adding extra resources to single nodes.

One language to rule them all

With JavaScript on the front-end and the back-end is when Node.js begins to shine in full glory. A single language across all layers of the web app makes developers’ life much easier (and the development process much faster), e.g. by enabling code reuse as well as providing better browser compatibility and reduced server load.

Customisation to boost creativity

Compared to other programming environments, Node presents an outstanding capacity to extend (e.g. developing HTTP and DNS servers using a built-in API) and adapt to different application requirements. Moreover, it can fuel your team spirit, as developers love the freedom to create apps that allow customisation.

Community matters

The popularity of Node among developers lies in the universal character of JavaScript. It’s used in so many applications that the transition to a new framework is quick and smooth. Also, pre-made components created by Node developers are publicly stored on GitHub and easily accessible.

These companies use Node

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Why hire a Node.js development company?

In the fast-paced tech ecosystem, custom Node web development is no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity. This is especially true when it comes to data-intensive real-time app development and microservices. Because instant access to important information is business-critical in many sectors of FinTech, this property of Node.js can help bridge the performance gap your web or mobile app might be facing on the highly-competitive market of digital financial products.

If you have already placed your bets on Node, finding the best fit for the development team might turn out to be more difficult than you would expect. Although Node is a part of the JS ecosystem, not all JavaScript experts are also Node developers. On top of that, the growing demand for top Node talent on the job market far exceeds the supply. Partnering up with Code & Pepper is a surefire remedy to the recruitment headache, helping you save time, money, and… nerves.

What’s in it for you?

Quick hiring

Experience in developing digital products gives us a unique vantage point when it comes to hiring software experts. Our tech leads work hand-in-hand with recruiters to recommend only top Node developers and ensure optimal culture fit.

Scalable team

A growing user base is great news for your brand, but it also means more responsibilities for the product development team. With Code & Pepper, you can rely on smart resource allocation to dynamically react to market changes.

Robust code

Software development is more than meets the code… Our developers specialising in Node follow best engineering practices (including code reviews, QA testing, CI/CD) to guarantee quality, reliability and efficiency both on the individual and project level.

Budget balance

The longer it takes for you to recruit new team members, the more it costs your business. Partnering up with Code & Pepper means your Risk Managers can finally catch a breather, while the Board revels at the sight of an improved ROI.

Reliable methodology

Project Managers and Product Owners are more vital to the overall success of product development than you might suspect. From requirements management to smooth workflows, our Scrum and Kanban teams will keep chaos at bay.


Custom team augmentation process for a budding FinTech startup

Monkee is a thriving Austrian startup set out to promote financial fitness. The company has developed an intuitive application helping users save and spend their money… smarter. Not only does it analyse spending habits and provide personalized advice, but also enables defining savings goals and sharing them with family or friends, so that users can work towards those goals together.

Code & Pepper supported Monkee as a recruitment partner when the startup was struggling to find the right developers on their local market. Successful talent hunt for a specialist in React Native was soon followed by a request for a dedicated Node developer. Team augmentation model offered by Code & Pepper has proven its worth and the technology partnership continues to benefit Monkee and its remote teams in a cost-effective and efficient manner.
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Selected testimonials

Alexander Rainey CEO and Founder

I really value Code & Pepper for their proactive attitude, transparency, and detailed attention to security. These are what made the partnership trusted and solid. The product team was always very helpful in explaining all technical matters, along with a project manager who took care of work organisation.

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Christian Schneider Co-founder

Code & Pepper has been very responsive to our business needs from the beginning. When new requirements emerged, they were both fast and diligent to provide us with candidates that fully met our requirements. Having a competent partner by your side is a great help to move quickly as a start-up!

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Aurélien Bonnel Chief Technology Officer
TradeCrediTech (Nimbla)

Code & Pepper provides high-quality, reliable code and designs. Flexible, responsive, and dedicated to client satisfaction, working with their team continues to add a lot of value to the business overall.

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