Moojo: mobile app for freelancers to invoice clients in a flash and get paid instantly!

The app build with support of ours best senior Node.js and React engineers
FinTech Development
React Native

The formalities make many freelancers dizzy. To make work on its own more enjoyable, the Moojo released on the market a mobile application to invoice clients in a flash and get paid instantly!

About Moojo

Thanks to the app, a self-employed person can create invoices, set them up to automatically generate each month, get paid instantly, and track cash flow in a chosen period of time. Plus extra future for the German market: the Moojo app makes sure every invoice meets German regulations. 

Our role in the app development

Recently, we have implemented a custom invoice generation system using templates and Puppeteer. Thanks to the integration with Auth0, users can log in to the application using their Google and Apple accounts. We automated releasing of the mobile application using Expo EAS.

We are constantly developing REST API using Node.js and TypeScript. We integrate with external payment providers and insurers in the event of equipment problems, traffic accidents during business trips, lawsuits, or attacks by cybercriminals.

What about the future?

In the near future, we will be implementing a web application for B2B customers. We will work on improving invoicing and insurance processes. We plan to build a tool for planning and tracking working time.

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