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Building a Software-as-a-Service platform for mobile commerce and engagement.
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What electronic device do we interact with the most? Unsurprisingly, the smartphone is at the top of the list of the most popular electronic devices. It’s become an indispensable element of our daily lives. We use it to talk, browse the internet or do business. Increasingly, we also use it to shop. One of our clients, Rezolve has picked up on this behavioural change and created a product that has the potential to transform the shopping experience. 

Underpinning mobile shopping is of course the internet. E-commerce has taken the world of sales and purchases by the storm. Especially with the global crisis of the pandemic, both merchants and consumers have turned to the internet as a safe space to interact with each other. Until recently the best portal for online transactions was the computer, either desktop or a laptop. These two, however, are location-bound. With smartphones you can trade anywhere, anytime. You can also engage with customers in ways that have never been heard of before. That’s exactly what Rezolve does!  

What is Rezolve?

Rezolve is a Software-as-a-Service platform for mobile commerce and engagement to be used by merchants. It offers a number of solutions in the areas of mobile shopping, digital payments and e-marketing. They are all based on the proprietary technology that Code & Pepper helped to build. 

Why is Rezolve a smart solution?

The solutions that Rezolve offers can be customised following the requirements of the specific business or the industry. They are also easily-integrated with the already existing digital infrastructure. Thanks to the SDK packages there is no need for merchants to develop code or manage security. SDK stands for software development kit which comes together with a dashboard called Rezolve Experience Platform. 

What is the Rezolve Experience Platform?

Rezolve Experience Platform is where merchants run and manage their own marketing campaigns. It performs a number of functions. Firstly, it’s a panel to create mobile triggers linked to location or patterns coded in images and audio files. The platform also facilitates “Instant Buy” purchases. Last but not least, it’s a tool to analyse customer behaviour and measure the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns. With all these roles, it’s quintessential that the dashboard is intuitive and easy to use.

Code & Pepper’s contribution

Rezolve was quite a challenging enterprise to accomplish as far as the development is concerned. It comprises a number of solutions that need to be functionable and work both independently and as a whole. The complexity of the project  was also reflected in a large number of people involved. There were 3 teams of roughly 8 people working on the final output and responsible for different parts of the platform. 

Code & Pepper developers joined one of the teams as part of team augmentation service. They were assigned to build the Rezolve Experience Platform and their tasks were mainly in the front-end side of the project. 

Building the dashboard, it  was important to make sure that all the components worked without any friction and were implemented in accordance with the design guidelines. The adopted framework was Angular. It’s the most popular framework for front-end. It is component-based and is dedicated to building scalable and durable applications. 

The underlying architecture of the platform is based on application containerisation. This approach makes it possible to deploy and run distributed applications simultaneously and independently without the need to engage the whole operating system.

The applications were monitored with the help of Grafana and the containers were managed with Kubernetes

Organising the processes and ensuring quality

To make sure everyone was in alignment with the core objectives and that there was steady progress, the teams took on the Agile approach which was reflected in the scrum methodology. There were meetings on a daily basis in order to discuss any potential issues and updates on the tasks that have been completed and the ones that were planned ahead. There was sufficient time devoted to backlog grooming, which was all about brainstorming, detailing and polishing the requirements for user stories. 

When it comes to maintaining the quality of software, the development team worked hand in hand with the quality assurance team. Every code modification needed to be approved by two other developers before merging it with the existing build. Additionally, all the layout changes were to be documented by a screenshot or gif animation.  

Being a global venture, Rezolve development teams consisted of members with different professional and cultural backgrounds. In such a context it is essential to stay kind and transparent, which are the key qualities that all Code & Pepper team members abide by. 

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