Empowering E-commerce Businesses:
Incard's Innovative Financial Platform

Discover how our partnership with Incard, a UK FinTech firm, revolutionized
e-commerce for influencers and small businesses through a multi-currency
payment app, streamlining their banking and transactions.
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Open banking has been a mainstay in the FinTech industry for years. Consequently, at Code & Pepper, we often find ourselves tackling challenges in this area. We are currently supporting Incard, a UK-based FinTech company, in developing a payment application for the e-commerce industry.

About Incard

This mobile application enables influencers and small businesses to manage their bank accounts, handle multi-currency payment accounts, and issue invoices all within a single product.

The platform also enables budget monitoring in applications used for supporting the marketing and development of the business. The feature of generating reports significantly simplifies the analysis of profits and losses.

Our Contribution to the Project

We joined the project during the MVP phase. At the beginning of our collaboration, we were responsible for creating the front-end of the web application. For this purpose, we decided to use Next.js, Storybook, and React Query. We optimized the application for SEO. Over time, our team also began working on the project’s back-end.

We are currently preparing for a soft launch for a selected group of business users. We are wrapping up work related to the migration of infrastructure to AWS and the development of a management panel for support and monitoring.

We are continuously testing integration with Open Banking, implementing a subscription system, and optimizing the microservices architecture.

Upcoming Challenges

We are about to release the first version of the application to the market. In the near future, we plan to focus on B2B users, offering them the capability to hold balances in three base currencies, perform currency conversion, and order credit cards.

Currently, the product is only available in the UK, but we plan to expand to other European markets.

We face challenges related to integrations — KYC (know your customer), KYB (know your business), and Forex exchange processes. The API we are developing will be used in VISA transaction systems, which requires meeting specific response time requirements for certain endpoints.

Our Talents Behind
Incard Success

While many talk about talent, we use a unique method, assessing 70+ specific skills, to identify the top 1.6% of software engineers, ensuring we deliver truly exceptional FinTech product development services.

Reliable and stable team members who work collaboratively with others to ensure project success. Additionally, solid and known for generating creative solutions to complex problems. Highly recommended for any software development team.

Adam Batten CTO at Incard

Technologies We Use in Building
Incard’s Payment Application

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