Tel Aviv is home to dozens of accelerator programs designed to equip founders and startup companies with business training and industry know-how. With them, you’ll not only start the right way but also the big way. Not every program is the same, though. Which FinTech accelerators are worth your while and would be a good match for your business? Take a look at the lucky 13 of the best accelerators you can find in and around the hot & breezy city of Tel Aviv.

IBM Alpha Zone

IBM Alpha Zone, a Tel Aviv startup accelerator, offers a 6-month program for companies looking to specialise in one of many fields such as retail, healthcare, transportation, and more. Startups gain access to supreme training and support in addition to IBM infrastructure. Alpha Zone has become the lift-off platform for over 50 businesses including HelpAround, Biop Medical and BeePost.

The Hive by Gvahim

The Hive program provides a 6-month incubation period, giving entrepreneurs the skills and tools to develop projects, manage employees, negotiate with investors, and run an operating workplace. The Hive has kicked-off over 60 businesses including StratoHedge, Gooster and SideKix.

Johnson Controls Open Innovation Program

Another 6-month program, Johnson Controls teaches startups how to leverage innovative technologies to develop competitive solutions, regardless of field. Their comprehensive approach is said to give real advantage to young teams heading into their respective markets. Johnson Controls has supported over 20 businesses including Phinergy, AnyVision and PointGrab.

Microsoft ScaleUp

Microsoft ScaleUp offers a streamlined 4-month program for companies looking to develop digital products and beyond. Budding founders can expect to learn talent recruiting, team management, working with larger companies, and asset management. Microsoft ScaleUp has elevated over 110 businesses including Evento, PhysiMax Technologies and PayKey.

Barclays Accelerator Powered By Techstars Tel Aviv

Techstars and Barclays have teamed up to create this 3-month program for new FinTech companies. This program grooms entrepreneurs with new skills in innovation & team management and offers a vast knowledge base courtesy of Barclays. Alumni of Barclays Accelerator include Mada Analytics, SlidePiper and LiST.

SigmaLabs Accelerator

Sponsored by Yahoo! and Entrée Capital, SigmaLabs Accelerator is a 3-month program designed to give startups all the must-have tools such as product validation, fundraising and investments. Dokka, SIMP Investments and MyQuest (among 40 businesses in total) have found support in SigmaLabs Accelerator.

8200 by EISP

8200 for Startups invites technology and business solutions startups to join a 5-month bootcamp led by serial entrepreneurs and corporate executives sharing their know-how and experience. This program was built to accelerate companies that wish to offer products and services to assist humanity with technology. 8200 for Startups boasts a long list of alumni, including SmartAir, Vitalitix and ClinicRent.

The Junction

Created by F2 Capital, the Junction features a 6-month lineup focused on tech startups. Entrepreneurs are mentored on how to network, lead teams and ultimately close a funding round to jump on a fast track to scale. The accelerator has helped build an impressive number of businesses, including Vayo, Crave and SuperQuery.

Citi Accelerator

Citi Accelerator takes care of business solutions, FinTech, and cybersecurity startups, with a custom-format program spanning over 4 months. Entrepreneurs learn how to successfully conceptualize and bring the new product or service to market on a grand scale. Citi Accelerator has helped launch over 60 businesses including Samurai, BigID and Cyberwrite.


Capsula was created by Tel Aviv University, the Smart Mobility Initiative of the Prime Minister’s Office and Fuel Choices. Together, they set up a 4-month project focused on financing and skill-building for smart mobility startups. Capsula has fuelled over 20 businesses including City Transformer, SafeOnGo and GuardKnox.

Siemens Dynamo

Siemens Dynamo is an accelerator program for automation, enterprise and IT companies. For 12 months, startups are trained in company-building using Siemens production data and resources. Siemens Dynamo has supported over 5 businesses including NanoFabrica, Loom Systems and CoreTigo.

Zell Entrepreneurship Program

This program is designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs take their ideas off the ground, while still at the university. Zell has your back from brainstorming to launch, whether you are looking to work in multimedia, law, business, psychology or other fields. The incubator has guided over 40 businesses including Home Hero, Argus Cyber Security and Halo Labs.

8200 for Startups by EISP

8200 for Startups is a 6-month program specializing in digital and technology startups. Entrepreneurs gain skills in networking, time management, recruiting and mentoring employees. Over 110 businesses owe their inception to 8200, including Karamba Security, NextPeer and WireX Systems.

Keep calm and… accelerate

That’s a long list to choose from!

Feeling overwhelmed? It’s understandable, as Israel has no shortage of accelerator programs for innovators sporting wild ideas in tech and all things digital. On a high note, the listed institutions are non-profit, which takes off a lot of pressure before a plunge into the world of big biz. Once you narrow down your search by location, time frame and specialization, the final choice should be easier. Ready? Steady? Accelerate!