This week’s FinTech Wire news selection reflects the strong position of the UK as a FinTech-friendly ecosystem that is inclusive, technologically-advanced and based on solid regulatory foundations. When it comes to the FinTech actors, the spotlight is now on the providers of payment solutions who are pitching their scalable and cost-effective products. 

Weekly FinTech News Digest: 5—11 October 2021

Weekly FinTech News Digest: 511 October 2021

FinTech 4.0 programme: Tech Nation releases a list of participants

Networking events with key stakeholders, peer-to-peer meetups and insights sessions

Out of all the British organisations that support the growth of FinTech startups, Tech Nation is definitely one that stands out. They have just released a list of 30 companies that will take part in their FinTech 4.0 programme for an opportunity to join networking events with key stakeholders, peer-to-peer meetups and insights sessions. It’s already the fourth group of the companies that participate in this initiative, which is backed by the HM Treasury and is going to last for 6 months. The leader of this edition is Katja Palovaara, who is a strong supporter of inclusivity in FinTech.

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Minna Technologies opens a London hub

“The UK is a strong launchpad into global expansion”

Minna Technologies is a subscription management app from Sweden who very much recognises the benefits of being active in the UK. They have just opened their London hub and are hiring new staff that will lead their operations from there. According to the CEO of Minna, Joakim Sjoblom, “the UK is a strong launchpad” into global expansion: “the talent pool remains unparalleled, the digital ecosystem strong, and the institutional financial knowledge exceptional.”

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Sustainable Finance workshop on supply chain traceability

A series of workshops aimed at advancing the sustainable development goals

The UK is also a breeding ground for sustainable finance. Some of the contributing powers are Finextra Research and ResponsibleRisk who co-organise a series of workshops aimed at advancing the sustainable development goals set out by the UN. Richard Peers, the CEO of ResponsibleRisk has just announced the new workshop which will take place 1-2 Dec and is dedicated to: Supply Chain Traceability: Better Data, Lower Risk. This is a knowledge-exchange event which is free to join.

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Launch of BVNK, platform for the management of digital assets

Targeted at corporate service providers, wealth managers, FinTechs and private banks

This week has also seen a launch of BVNK, another UK-based FinTech. BVNK offers digital asset financial services with the focus on cryptocurrencies. It’s a platform which combines treasury, payment and investments operations for digital assets in a single account, which is easy to use even for non-experts. The four core services available on the platform are: The BVNK Business Account, BVNK Yield, BVNK Markets and BVNK Insights. BVNK’s partnership model is targeted at corporate service providers, wealth managers, FinTechs and private banks.

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Modern payment standards according to the CEO of AEVI

Modern payment infrastructure should be cloud-based and API-driven

Payments standards in the digital world is the theme discussed in the recent interview with Mike Camerling, the CEO of AEVI. AEVI is a platform offering omni-channel payments solutions for merchant-facing businesses. Mike Camerling points out two technological aspects of modern payment infrastructure which should be cloud-based and API-driven. These are the prerequisites for scalability, security and cost-effectiveness. As far as APIs are concerned, they provide easy integration points that power onboarding, reporting and data exchange capabilities.

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Till Payments from Australia secures $80M in a recent fundraise

The money will be used to add value to sales, marketing and technology departments

New payment technology services are also offered by Till Payments, an Australian FinTech, which has just raised $80M to develop internationally. The key investors of the fundraise were: Avenir Growth, Woodson Capital, Akuna Capital and Regal Funds Management. The company’s objective is to simplify payments for merchants and the money will be used to achieve this end through adding value to sales, marketing and technology departments.

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