Data Engineering and Analytics Services
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Data is at the centre of both business and product development, but extracting insights from raw numbers is a complex technological process. Data-savvy software experts at Code & Pepper will help you translate data into knowledge and knowledge into action.

How to increase return on data capital?

Data engineering and analytics

Every FinTech application generates valuable financial and market data. However, turning it into strategic assets requires advanced tools to effectively capture, organise, protect and process the incoming intel. That’s where data-driven product development comes in.

Instead of separate silos of unstructured user data scattered around different databases, you could have a network of self-documenting inventories with self-service access. The time and efficiency gains for management or sales teams are just the beginning.

Data engineering and analytics are the heart and soul of FinTech business intelligence

Operational efficiency can’t be an afterthought if you aim higher than your local niche. Real-time financial and market insights can not only help make informed decisions about further product development, but also boost productivity and increase chances for securing investment. Venture capitals appreciate a neat spreadsheet, but it’s your ability to turn data into a realistic action plan that wins their trust.

Embrace the age of datafication

Tell us about your data-related challenges and get data engineering services to move forward.

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Data security in product development

Product teams at Code & Pepper consider data security a priority. Implementation of industry standards and custom security measures starts with separating the development environment from the live environment. Depending on product requirements and the threat landscape, a data security strategy can include the least privilege principle in access control, strong encryption of sensitive data, OAuth 2.0 and OIDC, multi-level user authentication, Web Application Firewall, etc.

Data quality assurance and testing

Strong focus on QA helps us coordinate security efforts and reduce risks. In data-driven apps, datasets must be accurate, relevant, complete, up to date, and consistent. With penetration tests, we can identify vulnerabilities throughout the development cycle. Careful design of data pipelines, implementing data traceability and data integrity checks, fast troubleshooting and testing for data security violations are vital both in product development and change management.

UI and UX design for data-heavy apps

Mindful of the key success factors of data-intensive apps, our UI and UX designers spare no efforts to adapt complex data-driven dashboards to the needs of each user persona. Interactive data visualization tools come in handy in presenting information in a meaningful way, with extra focus on simplicity, clarity and function over form. Line charts help illustrate continuous data, histograms showcase distribution of variables, while bar graphs can be used to display discrete data.

Third-party data integrations

FinTech applications increasingly rely on third-party data providers or external FinTech analytics tools. Reconciling data privacy and business objectives is often an introduction to an effective API development. When establishing seamless connections with banking data aggregators, payment gateways or services provided by your strategic partners, our API teams pay extra attention to data security both at rest and in transit, as well as perfect compatibility of software components.

Global Trade Alert is a complex data monitoring and analytics web platform, run by a team of independent researchers. They monitor state measures and report on their impact on international trade. To help users navigate and make the most of data, GTA offers advanced search options, data visualisation, and features for exporting summary statistics.

The international team behind GTA included data analysts fine-tuning the algorithms, but lacked product design and web development skills to make the platform accessible, scalable and easy to maintain.

Until they found a nearshore data analytics services partner experienced in data-driven software development. To make the platform fit for the digital era, Code & Pepper gave Global Trade Alert a full-blown makeover.

Our engineers refined product requirement, built a new user interface, optimised the admin panel and implemented the solution in terms of front-end and back-end. With the addition of Big Data processing and custom cloud infrastructure, Global Trade Alert can continue to advocate for transparency in trade policy changes.

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Premila Stampe Head of Business Strategy
Flex Funding

We value Code & Pepper for their quick-to-grasp understanding of our financial product and implementing an optimized user experience on the client-side app. The team are highly experienced and brought a great approach to our project.

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PhD Johannes Fritz Project Manager
Global Trade Alert

Code & Pepper became involved in the design process already at the bidding stage. Even though they didn’t have much time to answer our complex request for tenders, the effect was mind-blowing. They had a very practical approach from the very beginning, and this is what made us select them.

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Thomas McHugh Founder and Director

We have used a variety of skill sets provided by Code & Pepper, including UX design and development. We have also found using their Scrum process to be very beneficial to measuring the progress of the project. We are happy to recommend Code & Pepper as a partner.

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