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Digital business transformation is about people, processes, and technology. Scale your company and benefit from expert IT consulting. Code & Pepper will not only help you build digital products but also map key processes and do away with legacy software blocking your progress.

Benefits of digital transformation consulting services

Digital Transformation Services Company

Digital maturity makes a real-life difference for any company. It drives operational and financial performance and makes employees more efficient and happier. Most of all, it generates trust between the brand and the customer. Our digital transformation it services can help with all that.

According to Deloitte, the focus on customer experience in digital transformation can increase customer lifetime value by 1.6. Higher digital maturity means 45% of net revenue growth and 43% of the net profit margin above the industry average.

At Code & Pepper, we focus on digital transformation services and their impact on your users

By combining software development and digital transformation consulting services, we can help shape the business model in a way that benefits your brand and exceeds customer expectations. It doesn’t matter to what industry you belong. We can change the way you operate, produce, sell, and service clients. Our digital business transformation services are not generic but always tailored.

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Human-centered tech

Technology transforms businesses but let’s not forget about the people behind them. All operational processes can be elevated if focused on customers and their needs. The philosophy of digital transformation software development and its role in transformation should spread across all major departments, keeping everyone in the loop and facilitating the exchange of knowledge, tools, and resources. Information flow across an organization is much more efficient if data is digitized and immediately available.

Customer Experience

With all departments on the same page, the customer is the one having it all: the product, the service, the post-sale support. A holistic digital transformation design enables the company to create a full circle customer experience. When implemented correctly, it helps build a loyal community providing regular feedback. By harnessing the power of crowdsourcing, companies can design and develop better products. You can achieve that with out digital transformation services.

Company culture

Generating deep customer insights is possible when the whole company works towards the same goal: making a user-friendly product that addresses specific pain points. A clear common objective makes it easier to build a strong company culture. Once you reach that point, implementation of things like big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and overall technical performance come naturally. Bet on digital transformation consulting services and see results.

Digitalized processes

Major changes and pivots usually mean that the company is going through a transition period. People are gradually getting used to changes, making themselves familiar with new procedures and tools. When digital transformation is focused on processes, this time can be shorter and daily operations can be more efficient. Digitalization drives automation, so your product team can focus on innovation and growth. That’s the power of digital transformation services.

Employee enablement

Separating the work process from the location of the work is exhilarating for many employees. Technology gives freedom and more control at the same time. Digital products can be built from nearly anywhere in the world. Sales representatives and other frontline specialists benefit as well. Thanks to tools dedicated for digital transformation consulting services, they can present products in a more interactive and engaging way.

Performance boost

Executive decisions don’t come easy. Digital transformation elevates the strategic decision-making process and brings managers closer to associates. More data and analytical tools empower teams, helping draw more accurate conclusions and make better choices. Snappy managers can quickly react to market shifts or internal issues. Relocating time, money and resources also becomes more balanced and efficient.

New business alleys

An upgraded company is a natural choice for investors and business partners. Thanks to digital business transformation, you can closely monitor production, spot bottlenecks, manage staff, and deliver on a promise for both customers and suppliers. It opens the door to valuable contracts, close delivery monitoring, and constant communication with the client base. With new revenue streams, you can scale your team of specialists and get ahead of the competition. We provide software developers but also digital transformation services to make it all happen.

SchoolDoor is an EdTech application made for a Dubai-based company that needed a fast MVP development and a digital-first product strategy. The platform helps high-school students from all over the world pursue higher education abroad. It enables networking between school counselors and universities, empowering them with tools for event scheduling, interactive messaging, webinars, and Q&A sessions.

Code & Pepper provided end-to-end software development of the web app and a complete product design, including UI and UX.

The main focus was placed on real-time in-app communication, with security and performance in mind. We have incorporated multiple cloud technologies to build a new and innovative educational product with future-forward architecture.

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Tejas Labhshetwar Founder and CEO

Code & Pepper is a great team to work with all those who want to bring their ideas to life! It’s like having a pool of experts sitting right next to you. Their attention to detail, transparency and ability to meet deadlines is impressive.

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Duncan Campbell Head of Product

Code & Pepper provided an impressive level of service outside the original scope of requirements. At no additional charge, they proactively redesigned the product to enhance the final version. They took on the bulk of project management tasks and maintained an open line of dialogue.

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Premila Stampe Head of Business Strategy
Flex Funding

We value Code & Pepper for their quick-to-grasp understanding of our financial product and implementing an optimized user experience on the client-side app. The team are highly experienced and brought a great approach to our project.

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