The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping many industries. From healthcare to engineering, AI’s touch is evident. In the world of finance and pensions, AI is making significant strides. The pensions market, with reports estimating its worth close to $62 trillion, is on the brink of an AI-led change. This piece explores how AI is innovating the pensions landscape, pointing towards a future of streamlined processes and tailored pension schemes.

UK’s Vision for AI and Pensions

The UK, known for its tech-forward approach, acknowledges AI’s potential. Key initiatives like the 2023 AI Regulatory Framework and the AI Safety Summit in Bletchley Park showcase the UK’s commitment to AI’s safe and effective use. The Mansion House reforms further underline the UK’s ambition for a tech-advanced pensions sector, emphasizing the importance of investing in AI-focused startups.

Introducing the Keystone Platform by Smart Pension

Smart’s Keystone is a result of extensive research and development. It’s the first of its kind: a global, cloud-based platform for workplace retirement savings. Serving users across four continents, Keystone assists millions in their retirement journey. Partnering with top financial institutions, it offers a unique solution for retirement planning. The platform is flexible, adjusting to legislative shifts, and provides tools for both employers and employees. It also simplifies the process of transferring or merging numerous accounts.

Part of Smart Pension’s success can be attributed to its collaboration with Code & Pepper. As Smart Pension grew rapidly, there was a need to maintain the pace of development without compromising on product quality. Code & Pepper stepped in, providing team augmentation services that ensured quick growth and top software quality. They played a pivotal role in scaling Smart’s engineering team, building dedicated teams of Ruby development engineers, and ensuring that the platform met strict regulatory requirements while also being highly customizable. The teams from Code & Pepper, located in Warsaw and Kraków, work closely with the core team in London, participating in regular online meetings. Their collaboration has resulted in the creation of an advanced pension forecaster, which is adaptable to different global regulations. Moreover, with a focus on clean code, continuous deployment, and rigorous testing, Code & Pepper has helped Smart Pension uphold high standards in terms of code quality and the development process.

Tailored AI-Driven Investment Strategies

AI brings the promise of customized pension investment plans. Imagine someone passionate about environmental causes. Previously, aligning investments with such interests was challenging. But with AI’s machine learning and data analysis, pension funds can now create investment strategies that reflect individual preferences, leading to optimized pension outcomes.

Predictive Analysis: Shaping Pension Decisions

AI’s ability to predict is set to transform pension planning. For individuals considering major decisions like early retirement or starting a business, AI offers valuable insights. By analyzing various scenarios, AI provides clarity on market trends, potential returns, and more, guiding smarter pension choices.

The Importance of Trust in AI

While AI’s role in pensions is transformative, the human touch remains essential. Pension scheme overseers ensure that AI complements, rather than replaces, human judgment. It’s vital to integrate AI ethically into pensions, upholding trust and reliability.


Merging AI with pensions is a significant move. With thoughtful application, AI can redefine pension planning, bringing unmatched customization. As the UK leads in embracing AI’s potential, the future of pensions looks not only stable but also forward-thinking, with AI driving innovation. Companies offering FinTech software development services play a pivotal role in this transformation, ensuring that the fusion of technology and finance is seamless and efficient.