We’ve entered 2021 full of hope for new successes and this hope was empirically justified. After all, we had data indicating that things were going better than ever at Code & Pepper. But what were the facts? Read more to check them out!

Code & Pepper's 2020 Rewind

To put it simply 2020 was great for Code & Pepper and we just need to share our happiness with you. It started out pretty normally, but, as everybody knows, within the first months the pandemics hit. Somehow, however, it did not impact us in a negative way. 

Firstly – our team had already been accustomed to remote work. Secondly – we mostly work on projects that aim at digitasing financial services and thanks to which users don’t need to interact with other people in person. Combine these factors and the expertise of the team to understand why, despite a 20% dip in total FinTech deals, we managed to grow anyway.

This situation led to us discussing new concepts or cooperation opportunities with 183 potential new clients. Finally, we signed contracts with 5% of them in 2020.

Starting so many new projects required us to recruit a lot of new developers, both in End-to-End Development and Team Augmentation models.

We are quite demanding, though, so only a fraction of the candidates for Code & Pepper employees succeeded.

No wonder the total growth of our company was quite spectacular, especially on the background of the previous years.

At the end of 2020, all of the evidence was recognized by the Forbes magazine. After competing with 15 thousand other companies, we won the Forbes Diamond and entered 2021 as the third fastest growing company in Poland, in our category. 

2020 could not be better for us!