We might be far into the second half of 2021 but there is no sign of slowing down for the financial industry. It’s as if with the end of the summer in the northern hemisphere, everyone is ready to go back to school to study and see their friends. There is a noticeable proliferation of webinars, shows and conferences such as Money 20/20 Europe or Sibos by SWIFT. There are also more and more new names joining the ranks of successful FinTechs with Sugi, Point and BankiFi taking the lead this week.  Find out the details in the latest issue of FinTech Wire!

Weekly FinTech news digest: 31 August-6 September 2021

Weekly FinTech news digest: 31 Aug—6 Sep 2021

Webinar on RegTech trends and solutions hosted by Clausematch

5 different voices from the RegTech space

5 Key Takeaways from the Voices of RegTech is the title of the webinar which will be attended by 5 different voices from the industry: Evgeny Likhoded, Founder and CEO of Clausematch, Nirvana Farhadi, RegTech expert, Sarah Sinclair, Co-Founder at Change Gap, Robert Baugh, CEO at Keepabl and Vasile Foca, Co-Founder at Talis. The event is inspired by the findings of Clausematch published in their recent survey which deals with the impact of the pandemic on the RegTech space. The speakers will discuss the compliance trends, various RegTech solutions and the role of regulations.

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All-digital Sibos conference on Recharging Global Finance

Focus on creative content, networking and partnerships

Post pandemic recovery seems also to be the angle taken by Sibos conference which is themed Recharging Global Finance. This is a digital event which takes place 11-14 October and is free to attend. It is focused on creative content, networking and partnerships. The programme covers a variety of topics which are trending right now such as payment solutions, digital identity, compliance or sustainability. The conference is powered by SWIFT, the global provider of secure messaging services.

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Money 20/20 Europe to take place in Amsterdam in September

Agenda reflecting the trends and challenges of the industry

Another interesting show, tempting with a rich selection of influential speakers and themes is Money 20/20 Europe which is held in Amsterdam 21-23 September. The talks available on the agenda reflect the trends and challenges of the industry. One can join a discussion When should you partner with a competitor and how do you make that partnership work? or a think tank entitled How would we interact with money if banks didn’t exist? The executive force behind this event is Tracey Davies, Sophie Wawro and Scarlet Sieber.

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Sugi launches a feature enabling users to offset their investments

Business model sustainable at heart

Surfing on the tide of digital acceleration are also such companies as Sugi. This is a new breed of business which monetises the need for sustainability. Founded by Josh Gregory, Sugi is a platform dedicated to retail investors which shows the environmental impact of their investments and helps them build a greener portfolio. Sugi has just released a feature enabling users to offset their investments with fully certified carbon credits supported by Ecosphere+.

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Successful fundraiser for Point which aims to create a debit card of the future

Netflix subscription, unlimited cashback, travel protections

Point is also a ground-breaking FinTech addressing the financial needs of the millenials.
It has just bagged $46.5 million to create a debit card of the future with such rewards as monthly subscriptions to Netflix or Spotify, unlimited cashback, travel protections and purchase insurance benefits. As explained by Patrick Mrozowski, the CEO and founder of Point, the idea for this product is to be what it says it is with no strings attached contrary to the mechanism of a credit card that has often led to serious debt problems. The fundraising round was backed by Valar Ventures.

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BankiFi to secure a £2.2m investment

Open Banking for the support of SMEs

A fundraising success has also been achieved by a Manchester-based BankiFi which has just raised £2.2m in a round led by Praetura Ventures, with participation from the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA). With the use of Open Banking the firm helps banks streamline their services so that they offer optimum support for SMEs in areas such as invoicing, payments, cash management and accounting.

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