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Asset Management Software Guide

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If you save or invest your money in more than one place, you may be annoyed with how bothersome it is to check and analyze what is going on with your assets, especially in real time. But logging into alt least three different platforms, checking the values, entering data into the spreadsheet is just pointless, when you can use asset management software. Read more to find out what it is and how it can make your life easier!

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InsurTech Industry Guide: All You Need To Know About Insurance Technology

InsurTech stands for insurance technology, but this term can still be considered pretty abstract. After all, how can cutting edge technology work in the insurance industry? As with all innovative ideas, there are many ways to reach the goal. Read on to learn all you need to know about InsurTech industry: its history, how it’s used to make life easier and accelerate business, and what its future is going to look like!

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The Quickest Guide to Google Lighthouse Tool

Testing web applications in an effective way can be super-simple nowadays, thanks to many available tools. When it comes to examining basic issues, Google Lighthouse is one of the best and most popular instruments to do it, so every web developer and website owner should be familiar with it. Especially if it’s available for free, built in WebPageTest, PageSpeed Insights, Chromium based browsers (such as Chrome and Edge) and as an extension for Firefox. So why don’t you try it out on your own? This guide is the quickest way to start!

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