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FinTech Wire: Episode #63 – Non-Mainstream News, February 2024

FinTech Wire News February 2024

Welcome to episode #63 of FinTech Wire, where we delve beneath the surface to uncover the underreported events shaping the FinTech world. This February, we’ve curated a selection of news that showcases innovation, strategic partnerships, and significant funding rounds, all aimed at revolutionizing traditional financial services. From AI-driven VAT reclaim and wealth management technologies to groundbreaking payment solutions and investment platforms, our episode offers a glimpse into the transformative trends and emerging players challenging the status quo. Join us as we explore the real FinTech trends beyond the mainstream, reflecting the industry’s dynamic evolution.

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FinTech Wire: Non-Mainstream News for September 2023

Tired of the constant focus on the same big players in the FinTech world? Curious about what lies beneath the surface of the industry’s glossy exterior? Beneath the shell, there’s a pulsating life force — fresh perspectives, emerging trends, and groundbreaking innovations. Read September’s FinTech Wire: your go-to source for non-mainstream FinTech news this month!

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Asset Management Software Guide

If you save or invest your money in more than one place, you may be annoyed with how bothersome it is to check and analyze what is going on with your assets, especially in real time. But logging into alt least three different platforms, checking the values, entering data into the spreadsheet is just pointless, when you can use asset management software. Read more to find out what it is and how it can make your life easier!

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