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Avoiding the Monument: Preparing Software Developers for the Future

In a world where technology is changing fast, what will the future look like for software developers? Many schools teach skills that are important today, like coding in certain languages. But will these skills still matter in 2050? Will coding even be a job that people do, as we see more smart computers and automated tools?

The answer is not simple. Some skills will become outdated, but others will always be important. In this blog post, we will talk about the skills that will help software developers stay relevant in the future.

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The Future is Centaur: Fostering Human-AI Collaboration in Software Development

In his second lesson of the book “21 Lessons for the 21st Century,” renowned historian Noah Harari delves into the concept of human-AI centaur teams, a mode of collaboration that heralds unparalleled results. Borrowed from the mythological creature – part human, part horse – this analogy brilliantly encapsulates how humans and AI can symbiotically enhance each other’s capabilities. In the realm of software development, the idea has far-reaching implications.

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FinTech Me This With Jezen Thomas: Leading Dispersed Teams to Productivity and Engagement

What are the main challenges of leading a dispersed team? For this FinTech Me This Podcast episode, we chat with Jezen Thomas, co-founder and CTO at Supercede, whose engineering team works from all over the world. Jezen outlines how different communication styles and forms can work in a remote team and how to create a company culture that truly suits engineers’ needs. Give our conversation a listen to find out more!

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FinTech Me This with Daniel Parming: How to Develop Engineering Skills in Your Tech Team

In this FinTech Me This episode Daniel Parming, Head of Engineering at Kantox, tells us how he approaches developing engineering skills in his team. We talk about setting goals for individual developers, spotting soft skills, and why you have to provide engineers with complex challenges. Check out the full episode!

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FinTech Me This with Adrian Mizzi: How to Hire the Right Engineering Talent

In the first episode of the FinTech Me This: Engineering Management Podcast, we talk with Adrian Mizzi, the co-founder and CTO of Weavr, about the importance of recruiting the right talent to your engineering team. We also cover a practical rundown of the recruitment process and the challenges of building a payments business. Check out the podcast below and read the interview to find out more!

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