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Buy Now Pay Later – How The Fastest-Growing Payment Alternative Works

Buy now pay later UK sites

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just buy whatever you like and pay for it within a deferred payment system? It should be easy, convenient, and cheap. Other people thought exactly the same; that’s why “shop now, pay later” solutions came to be. How does it work, who are the top players and how can you benefit from this trend?

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API Developer Experience: Tricks of the Trade

From data aggregators at the core of open banking to payment processors for digital marketplaces – many FinTech products deliver value through application programming interfaces (aka APIs). In those cases, it’s hard to speak of User Experience as such. What becomes important then is Developer Experience (DX), which reflects how easy it is to work and integrate with an API. This in turn, can have a huge impact on the final quality and scalability of the API product. So if your goal is to build a highly-performant, future-proof and integration-ready solution, don’t forget about Developer Experience. Use the pro tips below to accelerate and empower your API development process.

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Scrum Master Certification: Step Up Your Game

“Stay home” is probably going to be the most exploited phrase of 2020. The consequences of global lockdown will loom large for years, turning the job market upside down. However, one thing hasn’t changed – you can’t go wrong with stepping up your professional game by gaining confirmed knowledge and skills. Read on to discover Scrum Master certifications tailored to different professional areas of the IT industry.

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Top Talent Wanted: Recruiting for Team Augmentation

Talent acquisition is one of the most complex organizational processes, with immense impact on businesses in the long run. When paired with the crude fact that great leaders are nothing without great teams, the importance of an effective and sustainable recruitment strategy becomes self-evident. Team augmentation clients are therefore setting the course for the future and Code & Pepper is honoured to contribute its unique know-how to their success on the FinTech scene.

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Software Development Poland: the Leading CEE’s Programming Hub

When thinking of perfect software nearshoring or offshoring locations, it’s impossible to omit Poland on the map of the IT industry. Being the second largest software development services provider in Central-Eastern Europe (right behind Russia), it’s a promising destination when shopping for skilled and budget-friendly tech teams for any digital product. If you’re considering hiring programmers outside of your local job market, this article will show you why so many companies have had successful collaborations with Polish IT firms and what cities lead on the Polish software development landscape.

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Team Augmentation Benefits and Values for FinTech Businesses

“You better work” is where most businesses start… but what if you’ve done all the work you can, the product still has a huge potential to reach, and there’s only 24 hours in a day? All the signs in the sky and on earth point to hiring more people, and team augmentation is a service model that works like a charm. How? Learn about the essence of team augmentation and its benefits from the business, technical, and human resources point of view.

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