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FinTech Me This with Adrian Mizzi: How to Hire the Right Engineering Talent

In the first episode of the FinTech Me This: Engineering Management Podcast, we talk with Adrian Mizzi, the co-founder and CTO of Weavr, about the importance of recruiting the right talent to your engineering team. We also cover a practical rundown of the recruitment process and the challenges of building a payments business. Check out the podcast below and read the interview to find out more!

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Top Talent Wanted: Recruiting for Team Augmentation

Talent acquisition is one of the most complex organizational processes, with immense impact on businesses in the long run. When paired with the crude fact that great leaders are nothing without great teams, the importance of an effective and sustainable recruitment strategy becomes self-evident. Team augmentation clients are therefore setting the course for the future and Code & Pepper is honoured to contribute its unique know-how to their success on the FinTech scene.

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Team Augmentation Benefits and Values for FinTech Businesses

“You better work” is where most businesses start… but what if you’ve done all the work you can, the product still has a huge potential to reach, and there’s only 24 hours in a day? All the signs in the sky and on earth point to hiring more people, and team augmentation is a service model that works like a charm. How? Learn about the essence of team augmentation and its benefits from the business, technical, and human resources point of view.

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