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Ask Me AnyFin with Christian Kranicke: How to Digitalise Financial Services?

Why Ask Me AnyFin? At Code & Pepper, we believe in testing assumptions and leaving no stone unturned when getting to the bottom of complex issues. But what are the right questions to ask? Now, that’s when things get really interesting… There is no one magic formula for a FinTech company. That’s why I’ve decided to sit down with founders, innovators and disruptors from different sub-sectors and with diverse backgrounds to look for the bigger picture: together.

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Top 10 Reasons Why FinTech Startups Fail

An old classic financial institution with multiple physical branches competes with the agile and low-cost mobile-only bank. Possible hundreds of years of tradition versus a few years or even a few months on the market. And yet, the mobile bank is on the rise, attracting users left and right; like a moth to a flame. They know their issues will be addressed quickly and every operation will take minutes, sometimes even seconds. If so, why many FinTech startups pivot early on and change the product? What common mistakes do they make?

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Most Popular Online Payment Methods in eCommerce in 2020

Two reports, two gold mines full of data, insights, and conclusions. The Paypers’ report and the McKinsey’s report offer a thorough analysis of ways people have used their mobile devices in 2020. For complete analytics, we send you over to these sources. For everything else—major changes, global trends, behavioural shifts—we ask you to stay with us. Here are both reports in a nutshell, with key data about preferred online payment methods in eCommerce and our in-house commentary.

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