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FinTech Wire #52: Clausematch Available to Barclays Workforce, Worldcoin Promises Free Crypto

In this week’s FinTech Wire we will hear from startups Proportunity and XanPool that raised new fundings and revealed their plans for growth. We will also discuss the outcomes of the successful collaboration between Clausematch and Barclays that dates back to 2014 and learn about a brand new, minority-focused initiative by Wealth8 and WealthKernel.

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Most Popular Online Payment Methods in eCommerce in 2020

Two reports, two gold mines full of data, insights, and conclusions. The Paypers’ report and the McKinsey’s report offer a thorough analysis of ways people have used their mobile devices in 2020. For complete analytics, we send you over to these sources. For everything else—major changes, global trends, behavioural shifts—we ask you to stay with us. Here are both reports in a nutshell, with key data about preferred online payment methods in eCommerce and our in-house commentary.

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Painless Payments: Top 5 Online Payment Processing Companies for Startups

Every digital business needs a reliable toolset that will support its operations. And for many of them, online payment processing platforms are essential: according to a 2018 survey, 62% of UK’s small and medium enterprises use digital solutions to make or accept payments. However, choosing among a plethora of payment processing companies is not a breeze. This one decision can have serious implications in multiple areas, starting with customer experience, transaction security, and even your business cash flow. 

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