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AWS Security – How Secure is Amazon Web Services?

Security in Amazon Web Services

Security in digital products, not only in FinTech but in applications in general, is a top priority. Software development clients want to make sure that user data and business logic are safe from attacks. Users want to securely invest in applications through loyalty. Security in Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an interesting topic to view the security issue from three perspectives – the user’s, customer’s and developer’s. Let’s talk about AWS security issues and how to think about them.

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Microservices Patterns and 15 Best Practices

Microservices fundamentally changed the way applications are built, managed, and supported after launch. Even more – they had changed the way engineers and managers think about digital products in the first place. With big scalability and potential for quick growth, many managers ask how to build microservices. Here is the world of microservices, best practices, and everything in between.

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Microservices vs Monolithic Architecture. Comparison 2022


Contrary to a popular belief, microservices are not a panacea. If something is good for everything, it’s good for nothing. Many managers compare microservices vs monolithic architecture and want to know which is best for the current company’s project. Microservices are a fantastic way to make the digital product agile, and scalable. Monolith is good when you just want something to be done.

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