Author: Lucas Korol

Ask Me AnyFin with Koray Koska: About Change in FinTech – Startup Ecosystem and the Use of AI

Startup Ecosystem and the Use of AI

One of the main missions of software developers’ work is to deeply understand the product they are working on and the real problem that the product is supposed to solve. In the new episode of Ask Me AnyFin, we talk to Koray Koska, who tells us the story of how he turned from a software developer to a startup co-founder and how the idea of VitraCash – a smart debit card – was born. What is the truth behind the “magic” smart tools like VitraCash? And what are the biggest challenges of entering the FinTech market? Check out our interview for all the answers!

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How Does Blockchain Work? A Guide for Beginners

Despite challenges associated with each solution and business model, all FinTech companies face the same basic problem – trust. People confide with these organizations to multiply, keep safe or simply loan money. Their money. That’s why an image is so valuable. There’s a way to build trust and ensure a high level of technical proficiency; all at the same time. It’s called blockchain.

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Why is transparency important in the software development process?

The importance of transparency in the software development process extends beyond creating a product. It’s the quality of business relationships that really matters. The market-ready product, being the final stage of a business relation, is only a result. The reason behind its successful delivery by the vendor and the acceptance by the client is an honest partnership. How to make sure that transparency in software development really works?

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API Developer Experience: Tricks of the Trade

From data aggregators at the core of open banking to payment processors for digital marketplaces – many FinTech products deliver value through application programming interfaces (aka APIs). In those cases, it’s hard to speak of User Experience as such. What becomes important then is Developer Experience (DX), which reflects how easy it is to work and integrate with an API. This in turn, can have a huge impact on the final quality and scalability of the API product. So if your goal is to build a highly-performant, future-proof and integration-ready solution, don’t forget about Developer Experience. Use the pro tips below to accelerate and empower your API development process.

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The Meaning of Performance in FinTech Apps

Application performance issues affect all businesses, big and small – and the examples are daunting. If such a giant as BBC found they lost an additional 10% of users for every additional second their site took to load, how can you prevent losing customers due to poor performance? Get started with UX! In this article, I’ll help you understand the mechanics of performance in FinTech and suggest a few patterns that can maintain users’ attention and engagement.

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UX design patterns to Improve Transparency and Feedback in FinTech Apps

Transparency and feedback in UX are all about making sure that the users of your application know what will be the effect of their actions – the ones they are going to take and the ones they have just performed. It helps to build trust in your product, especially in the case of new users. In less than five minutes, I’d like to introduce you to a few UX design patterns / ideas that will make your application more transparent and trustworthy for new and regular users.

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