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10 Best Apps Built with React Native


React Native is an open-source, mobile application framework that took the industry by storm. It’s flexible, scalable and allows to simplify and boost product development. Is it for you? How can your project benefit from migrating to React Native? Naturally, the best choice is to build from scratch. What best apps built with React Native are there? Find a similar one and get inspired!

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React Native vs Other Cross-Platform Frameworks. Which One to Choose and Why?

As there are so many technologies to choose from when it comes to creating new FinTech apps, different developers are entitled to have different preferences. However, some companies are completely OK with working with whatever their clients tell them with no second thoughts and some specialise in particular frameworks and programming languages. We tend to belong to the latter ones and we have some strong reasons for it, so we decided to explain why we chose React Native as our go-to cross-platform framework and why our clients benefit from this decision.

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